If you were me for a day, what would you say?

I'm inspired by Doug Johnson inviting a person he met on a discussion board to post on his blog. Yohe on Squishy Standards is one of my favorite blog posts in a while and it was written by a non-blogger.

So, take a deep breath, this is what I'm doing.

We need a way for non-bloggers to join in the edublogosphere besides commenting.

So, here is my question…

If you were Cool Cat Teacher for a day… what would you say?

Write your response and either email it to me at coolcatteacher [at] gmail.com OR share the google doc with me. I'll either:

  1. Offer advice on how to get it better
  2. Post it on my blog
  3. Include an excerpt in an upcoming blog post

Also use this template at the top:

Name: (full or first name last initial)
Your School or Organization:
Your website(s) – if any.
How someone should contact you (if you'll allow it)
Copyright information — it will be copyrighted to you.

I prefer that infrequent (less than 4 times a month), beginning (less than 2 months) or non-bloggers submit. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE and the offer stays open (until I have to close it.) Vendors, this is not for you… I prefer educators or administrators who are practicing.

Remember to hyperlink and cite sources.

I hope someone will take me up on the offer…. it might just change your life!

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3 thoughts on “If you were me for a day, what would you say?

  1. Vicki,

    I love this. I recently invited two newer bloggers to be “guest bloggers” on my blog through the end of February. They both started posting earlier this week, and so far the results have been fantastic.

    I am taking maternity leave from work and decided to also slow down on blogging during that time period. Fate brought these other bloggers to my attention a few weeks ago and the timing was just perfect.

    I decided a couple of days ago to start a regular “guest blogger residency” on my blog — either a one-week period every six months or a two week period once a year (haven’t made a final decision on frequency yet). I’m glad to see that others are thinking along the same lines. 🙂


  2. Vicki I have been after Paula Yohe (who is about 45 minutes down the road from me here in Myrtle Beach) about doing some blogging to no avail. She has SCUH a voice and I really believe that voice would speak to many in the blogosphere. Paula is looking at platforms that would be suitable for her district and be approved according to her district’s filter settings–she is the IT for her district as i understand it. They are seriously looking at using Moodle as a platform, so maybe some blog of some kind will be forth coming. But remember she is now form the “other” side of the desk, even though her experience is well grounded in a teaching and learning librarian-ship environment. It is one of the reasons she has such a commanding knowledge of so many issues and can speak from that experience. I would LOVE to see Paula on the WOW2 show, and I can get you some contact information. Just email me at cathyjonelson -at- gmail. perhaps this thread on the blogosphere will be what she needs to finally get in the discussion using 2.0 tools! YEAH!

  3. Stephanie-
    What a great idea. I’ve thought about the full “guest blogging” idea but it makes me a bit nervous. Most people wouldn’t understand that someone else is posting and I’ve just decided to let my stats suffer and take breaks when I need it. I guess I could, but I’ve worked so hard and would hate for something to happen. Maybe I need to rethink it.

    Cathy — I echo your sentiments — If Doug’s and My comments aren’t enough to pull her into blogging, we just more folks to ask. She is amazing! Doug is putting me in touch w/ her for getting her on Wow2 — please put in a good word for us!


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