If You Don’t Know these 22 Things About Computer Security, You’re Headed for Trouble

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22 Things Everyone Should Know about Computer Security

We bank online. We buy things on our computers. But what do we know about computer security? Everything from our wills to our accounting software is on our home computers. But one drive around a neighborhood with my phone looking for hotspots, and I can see dozens of homes ready for a hacker to steal their information.

We put in alarm systems. Do we purchase firewalls? Do we password protect our wifi and home computers? Do parents and kids share the same login ids? These are just a few of the 22.

22 Computer Security Tips Everyone Should Know

Here's a quick video with the 22 most common mistakes I've seen since beginning my work with computers in 1993. This is a beginning video that I also share with my students and their parents.

A Few Important Questions from the Computer Security Video (Watch it!)

  • Do you have a firewall?
  • Did you change the firewall's password from the default?
  • Does your wifi have a password?
  • Do you have user accounts for your children? (Not administrative.)
  • Do you have parental controls on your child's account? (Or can they install software and let hackers onto your computer when downloading games?)
  • Do you let strangers or whoever charge their phone in the USB on your PC?
  • Do you have a secure password for your home computer?
  • Do you know the most common ways people steal passwords?

Computer Security Software & Hardware to Check Out

 Antivirus Software

Other Software

  • Malwarebytes– for malware
  • Ninite – to help you quickly install updates for all your software
  • Zone Alarm – only if you need it (listen to the recommendation)
  • LastPass – A Password Manager (I like this one – WARNING – Learn how to set this up and be careful! I wrote about this here.)
  • 1Password– Another password manager

Hard Drive for Backup

My Go-To Computer Security Experts and Resources

Other Articles I've Written for Beginners You May Want to Read

What did I miss? I've already updated the video once. Is there anything else that needs to go in there?

I know this is a very simple explanation, but my audience is beginners. I'd appreciate feedback before I share this with my students next week.

As I recommend in the video, you should have a local computer expert you can consult to advise you on all matters. This is to get you started, but you are responsible for your own computer security and safety. No one video could explain every single risk, nor did I try to. This is to start you on your journey. I am not liable for your computer security in any way – you are. Please consult your local computer technician. And now, that disclaimer is done! 

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