I Dig my Diigo Classroom: Will you help me test it?

We've been using our Diigo classroom (will be coming out of Beta) and testing it. So, this is what I need some Diigo users out there to do for me.  (HELP ME TEST IT!)

Here are the recent links from my 9th grade computer fundamentals course:

Group Computer Fundamentals – WHS Bookmarks

If you have diigo and a diigo toolbar, go to one of the links, and then open up your diigo sidebar (click the small page w/ green plus on the left side of the toolbar) and see if you can see who annotated and made the comment (you are supposed to).  Then, see if you can contact my student or how much information you can see on them.  I just want to know and test this before we use w/ flat classroom.

I'm also wondering if there is a way for you to figure out how to get to my computer fundamentals class homepage?  Not going to share the link, just wondering if you can figure it out or if it is possible. This is still in beta, so adding feedback.

Classrooms have three ways to set up, I let my students sign up for a diigo account, and then I sent them an email to their address, however, you'll be able to set it up w/out the students having an email.  When they set up and they join the class- they are automatically friended by everyone in the class. They are not supposed to be contacted from the outside.

We're making a list of our likes and dislikes, but I found this comment from a student very interesting.

Vicki Davis wrote:
> How do you think annotating the Internet would be useful to students? What specific applications do you think it has?


“People say that students learn better from other students than from teachers so when we bookmark and and highlight things then we can learn a lot faster and easier.” T.

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