How Webinars Work to Help Educators Learn More

Every Classroom Matters episode 150 with Peggy George

There are so many ways to learn. Webinars are one of the best ways to learn but many people don't understand how webinars work. In her role as moderator of Classroom 2.0 webinars, Peggy George has experience leading some of the most popular webinars on the planet. She knows how webinars work. As Peggy says,

How to do webinars

“It is important for educators and teachers to realize that education is something we create for ourselves, not that is done for us.”

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Here are some essential questions we discuss in this show:

  • What makes a great webinar?
  • How do you participate in webinars?
  • How can you find free webinars?
  • When do you chat? When do you ask questions? Is it OK to lurk?
  • How do you pull off a great webinar when you’re planning one? (Including a peek into how Peggy plans those amazing Classroom 2.0 webinars.)
  • Why is it important to enter a webinar room early? What can happen in “preshow”?
  • Tips for engaging presenting when you’re the one presenting the webinar.
  • What are the roles of moderators? (Facilitators, Backchannel moderators, Google jockeys)
  • What resources should webinar creators share after the event? How can close captioning help?

If you've never tried a free, online webinar – why not set a goal to try one this summer?

Big Takeaways from This Session

Peggy's point about making learning part of who we are is an important one. Whether you read blogs, listen to a show like this one, or participate in webinars: make time to learn. Level up a little bit every day. Thank you for the suggestions that have come flooding in this week for great guests on the show! We're busy booking interviews for this summer, particularly those overseas that are hard to do during the school year. If you have any suggestions, email me at [email protected] – thank you for joining the ECM Education community! Remember, dear educators, wherever your classroom – your classroom MATTERS! – Vicki

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2 thoughts on “How Webinars Work to Help Educators Learn More

  1. I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I enjoyed this post about webinars. I have not yet been involved in a webinar, either a presenter or a participant. Peggy George was very informative on how to prepare and participate in a webinar. Knowing the difference between a chat log, which is invitation for conversation, and a question and answer pod, which is not as interactive, is beneficial knowledge to anyone going into a webinar for the first time. I am much more prepared for what to expect when I do participate in a webinar since listening to this podcast.