How to Pick the Perfect Color and Use it Anywhere

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How to pick the perfect color

Graphic designers need to understand color. But there are some basics we all need to know. We should remember: a little bit of color theory, how to pick colors, and how to use them. This three-part video series will help you learn the basic color theory and tricks you'll need to use great colors together in Microsoft Office.

Graphic Design Video 1: Understanding Color Theory

This video from the Artist Block explains basic color theory better than I could. (Plus, he's cool.) The important thing for students to understand is the primary colors and that certain colors go well together. Once they are a tad overwhelmed or at least convinced that this is complex, then they are ready to get the help given in videos 2 and 3.


Graphic Design Video 2: How to Pick and Use the Perfect Color in Desktop Publishing

My Google Plus connection Penny Cristensen added this note to the video today (and shared a cool resource) after it went live:

Vicki, I've been using this extension for a couple years now & love the Color Picker. Thank you for adding Color Schemer Online to my toolbox! I like to show others where that hex code can be used: Picmonkey, Google Draw, Canva. I also include the tools Adobe's Kuler and the Kuler app for picking colors from your real life surroundings and point out how to use palettes curated on Pinterest. Feel free to check out my post on the topic: I have added your link to the comments of the original post – thanks!

Graphic Design Video 3: How to Pick the Perfect Color and Put it into Microsoft Office

In Microsoft Office, you will probably want to change the color in three ways: the background, the borders, and the font color. Learn how to take the “perfect colors” and color in Microsoft Excel. This technique also works in all Microsoft Office Programs: Microsoft Word, Publisher, and PowerPoint.

Graphic design doesn't have to be difficult. Learn the tools that help you do it better. Please share your tips in the comments. 

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