How to Assign Homework without Wasting Everybody’s time

Answer the question "Why does my child have to do this homework?"

If you ever assign homework, you have likely dealt with the “Why does my child have to do this homework?” question from parents. In my experience, these complaints are often from parents who have different expectations about learning and the role of home and school than you do. Furthermore, parents now question teachers about homework more than ever claiming that valuable family time is being lost.

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Without a doubt, we need to be prepared to answer their questions. Today we hear compelling evidence from the authors of Hacking Homework: 10 Strategies That Inspire Learning Outside the Classroom about how to consider our homework practices.

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In this show, Teachers Starr Sackstein and Connie Hamilton will connect research to the real-life classroom. Let's rethink homework and prepare ourselves with a homework solution that fits with what works.

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Parents and teachers need to be partners. For this reason, be intentional about helping parents know how to support your classroom and what they should be doing at home. Interestingly, the ability to connect with parents is one of the things that caught my attention about a new app called ClassTag.

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ClassTag’s primary focus is turning parents into partners. They’ve developed a tool for strengthening and deepening the support parents give teachers from home. At the heart of the tool is a system for effortlessly showing parents how to give you the support you and your student need. I’ll tell you more about this tool in the coming weeks. Check it out now.


Show Notes: How to Assign Homework Without Wasting Everybody's Time

  • When is homework meaningful and helpful?
  • Does the research have different recommendations by age level about homework?
  • Are there some practical ways of assigning homework that improve learning?
  • What should we do and not do with homework at various grade levels?
  • Teachers should be intentional, purposeful and specific about homework.
  • The struggle to give meaningful homework and not just busy work.
  • Hear Starr's and Connie's pep talk for teachers about homework that works.
  • The Book: Hacking Homework: 10 Strategies That Inspire Learning Outside the Classroom 

Who are Connie Hamilton and Starr Sackstein?

Connie [email protected]conniehamilton Ed.S. is a curriculum director in for Saranac Community Schools and a national presenter focusing on questioning, best practices, and leadership.

Starr [email protected]mssackstein  teaches writing and journalism in New York City. Additionally, she is a National Board-certified teacher and the New York director for the Journalism Education Association.


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One thought on “How to Assign Homework without Wasting Everybody’s time

  1. Engaging parents is helpful to get the homework assignments done. Parents could help their children with research on difficult assignments. I really like the idea of turning parents into partners with the the Class Tag App.