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How Can Teachers Just Work 40 Hours a Week?

This year, I started hearing about this amazing new program. Angela Watson has a 40-hour workweek club for teachers. Many teachers are getting their lives back.

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Join the program. This is such a great program that I asked Angela if I could link up with her to recommend her program to all of my readers. She only opens up enrollment twice a year. You can join now through July 6, 2016. (Will open again December 26 – January 4.)

Attend the free webinars. If you're not sure, sign up for Angela's free webinar this Saturday (July 2) or Tuesday (July 5), Summer Secrets for a Stress-Free Fall. You can see if her approach is for you.

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I've already made up my mind. I'm in the club and ready to go!!

Download the free getting started guide. Angela's given me a copy of her getting started guide that you can download. (Just sign up at the bottom of this page.)

Teachers Don't Have Enough Time

When I asked you about your problems on this year's reader survey, here was your answer:

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I'll keep writing productivity tips for you. But, Angela's program is the best teacher-time-saving program out there.

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Common Questions about the 40 Hour Workweek Club

Here are some questions and answers from Angela Watson about the program.

Can't I just join a month, take the class quickly and be done?

Angela Watson: This is a one-year program. Members can choose to pay monthly or quarterly if they’d like, but these are installment payments. It’s not a month-to-month thing where people can drop in or out, and it’s not a bill they’re stuck with for the rest of their life. When the year is up, they will never be charged again and will have continued access to the Facebook group and all club materials.

I think 40 hours is too low but I'd like to work less than I am now and still get the same results. Will this work for me in that case?

Angela Watson:  It’s not about working a 40 hour week–members choose their OWN target number and determine how to allot those hours throughout the week. The purpose of having a target number like 40 is to create boundaries around your time, work with intentionality, and keep teaching from consuming your entire life. We really don’t talk about the hours much in the club. I also don’t want members tracking their hours or thinking about that at all during back-to-school: the goal for the first six weeks of the school year is to create systems that will help them save time later. We’ll first start talking about target number of hours to work for the 2016-2017 school year in October.

How does this program work?

Angela Watson:  New content is sent every Saturday morning. They get a short (8-15 page) eBook in PDF form called an eGuide, along with a 20-30 minute audio version of that content so they can listen rather than read if they prefer. At least once per month, they also get printable resources to use in the classroom. They get an email when new content is added to the membership library.

How can I connect and learn from other teachers?

Angela Watson: The private Facebook group is where they can get help adapting the club ideas for their unique teaching contexts. Each month that they remain enrolled in the club, they have access to hundreds of other teachers in the Facebook group where they can ask questions, discuss time-saving strategies that have worked for them, and get advice from other teachers who can share what the 40HTW principles look like in their classrooms. There is a group for elementary (K-5) and one for secondary. They can join both if they chose, but I recommend that they pick one in order to limit the amount of time they’re spending on social media. I post important reminders in both groups.

What are people saying?

I heard great things from teachers before I reached out to Angela. Teachers have told me that they have more time for their family and they are better, happier teachers at school. That is a win!

In my goal to encourage and help teachers with their real problems. I love Angela Watson for her wisdom and realistic approach to teaching. I hope you'll join me on the 40-Hour Workweek club. Remember, this enrollment is only through July 6th, 2016.

How much does it cost?

While some people pay monthly, over 90% of people who join stay in after the first month. If you are one of the over forty percent of my readers who said “not enough time” on the reader survey, you should give yourself the gift of being part of this amazing program next year.

  • $12.99/monthly installments for one year ($156 total)
  • $29.99/quarterly installments for one year ($120 total)
  • $109.99/year (this is considered “full membership” as it’s a 1 time payment, no recurring charges)

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40HTW is the best resource I have experienced–and I have done a lion’s share of foraging on the internet, looking for worthy educational sites. Since committing to 40HTW, I am working less hours and enjoying my job more! Thanks!”

“I truly appreciate the opportunity to be part of this group. It’s like having my own educational consultant, organizing consultant, expert planner and kind encourager all in one convenient Facebook package.”

“I feel so much hope, I feel like I’m making great gains. I feel like this group is more valuable than a required education course in college. I had fall break last week. I stayed late (few hours) on Tuesday to get as much done as possible and did not go back over the whole break! I relaxed and enjoyed my family. I don’t feel like I’m drowning this week. It’s all coming together and I positively am elated that I can love teaching, be good at it, not stress, not spend my life as a hermit. I see myself truly and thoroughly enjoying my career in a few months.”

“Thanks to you, this is the first year in 30 years of teaching that I didn’t bring work home on Thanksgiving break.I am so thankful.”

“I had been working 65-70 a week before I joined the club. With the help of the amazing to-do list and other helpful hints from Angela, I have been slowly whittling my time down. This week my goal was 50 hours and I actually spent 49.75 hours working on school stuff. I am thrilled! I don’t think there has ever been a week in my career where I have spent less than 50 hours at school! And I am not behind on anything! Thank you, Angela!”

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[callout]Disclosure of Material Connection: I am an affiliate for this program. The company I am recommended will pay me if you choose to sign up for this program. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I believe will be good for my readers and are from companies I can recommend. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.)[/callout]

Free Getting Started Guide

Take a look at the course and what you'll do with the 40-hour workweek club by Angela Watson. This 12-page getting started guide will give you more insight.

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Angela Watson July 1, 2016 - 6:13 pm

Vicki, thanks so much for sharing this! Seeing teachers in the club learn how to streamline their work and focus on what really matters has been so rewarding for me. These teachers are truly innovating and thinking outside the box about the most effective, efficient ways to create engaging lessons for kids and assess learning without spending hours grading stacks of worksheets every night.

For me the best part has been reading teachers’ comments about how not only are THEY less stressed, but their students are less stressed and enjoying learning more. :)

Mark Eichenlaub July 3, 2016 - 5:03 pm

Hi Vicki!
Angela is doing some really good work. I’ve listened to her podcast and her story.

She knows the pain teachers go through.

It’s time ALL teachers take and realize THEIR LIFE is more important than doing everything asked of them as teachers. Enough tweaking lesson plans, seating charts, looking at new tech…

I’d personally look to chop the week down even further. A mentally fresh (and I’d add better paid) teacher is going to be more effective than any new app, software or system that a school pushes down.

Thank you for thinking about teachers well being OUTSIDE the classroom.


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