How Iron Chef Lesson Plans Make Cooperative Learning Awesome

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In this episode, the inventor of Iron Chef lesson plans, Jon Corippo shares with Vicki his remix of the jigsaw cooperative learning method.  Iron Chef Lesson Plans with American Idol peer feedback may just be your favorite new cooperative learning method. (You can't make this stuff up! 😉)

Important Takeaways for Listeners on Iron Chef Lesson Plans

  • John opens the show by denouncing a mode of teaching used by many that exasperates him and bores students.
  • He critiques traditional jigsaw methods.
  • The “secret ingredient” idea can help you link together the presentation.
  • Jon giveds examples of Iron Chef lesson plans with history, science, literature, math, grammar, and how to add spice to book reports.
  • How do you fully engage students who work quickly?
  • How can you grade easily?
  • How do you supercharge peer feedback?
  • How can you use this to help kids appreciate each other's strengths?
  • What are other ways teachers get kids excited about learning?
  • How can you incorporate formative assessment?
  • How to make the top 20 Grammar errors exciting with Iron Chef lesson design.

This Iron Chef episode is for all of you out there using cooperative learningChromebooks or Google Apps for Education. You can also use this method with Office 365, Keynote, and Prezi. Scroll down for a great quote to pin.

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What Teachers Say

Listener, Leslie Ihrig (5th-grade teacher) says,

“I've used this with literature and social studies. Works great. In addition to adding excitement to the lesson, kids are meeting presentation standards.”
See Leslie's Jigsaw on forming a new nation in the US.

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"Teaching should take you up to something." Jon Corippo, Inventor, Iron Chef Lesson Design

“Teaching should take you up to something.” Jon Corippo, Inventor, Iron Chef Lesson Design

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One thought on “How Iron Chef Lesson Plans Make Cooperative Learning Awesome

  1. I feel this is a very important video because Jon made very conscious points. I’m glad you have posted in many of your networks, especially on Twitter and Facebook, to make it more accessible. For those not able to watch the video, the points listed go right along with it. I enjoyed it! Thank you!