How Innovative Educators Observe, Reflect, and Share

The Innovator's Mindset with George Couros

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Many teachers say they don't have time to connect. I live and breathe that feeling. However, when I'm down, sometimes an idea on Twitter or a suggestion on Facebook turns my day around.

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If there is one thing that will make you completely irreplaceable as a teacher, it would be your network.

Your network is your inspiration. Your network is also your safety net if the unthinkable happens. They'll help you get better results in the classroom. Your network will also encourage you when you're struggling. If it is hard to network, you're probably not learning the easy ways to network.

Today, George Couros talks about the fifth aspect of the Innovator's Mindset: Networking.

George Couros is joining us for a series of shows on Every Classroom Matters where we talk about the eight characteristics of the Innovator’s Mindset (George’s new book.) This is part 5 of the series. See the full series here

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