How Can Second Life Be Used by the Visually Impaired: Tune in TODAY!!!

People with special needs and learning differences are near and dear to my heart, so this is one that has to be passed along.

Whether or not Second Life is the platform of our future, if you're attending conferences like NECC and listening to academicians, 3D virtual worlds USED WELL can reach kids who we're struggling to reach everywhere.

Today, this is what is happening:

Louise Later (SL), who is legally blind, will be with us to discuss how Second Life is used by the visually impaired. She will demonstrate two scripted objects currently under development designed specifically for the visually impaired: a mobility cane and a guide dog, and she will also talk about how EVA (an screen readin g tool) benefits visually impaired users, and her work with Virtual Ability, a Colorado-based startup developing products to assist people with different type of disabilities to utilize Second Life.

For more about accessibility in Second Life, click here:

Location: ISTE Island Bandshell:
Time: 6:00 pm SLT (click here for your local time zone)

Thank you, Kevin Jarrett  and ISTE Island for your leadership in this area!   I'm in the process of setting up an office in there and hope to have office hours sometime so we can “meet.”  I need to decorate the office too, so if any of you have “stuff” you can share, just friend me, Cool Cat Whitman.  I'm a newbie (still) be nice to me!

And if you haven't joined SL yet — today is a great day to be born.

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3 thoughts on “How Can Second Life Be Used by the Visually Impaired: Tune in TODAY!!!

  1. Sounds like a great program. I fully agree that the more we can offer special needs students the better off we will all be. In some sense each of us has a special need of some kind or other.

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