How an “F” Turned into the Greatest Thing that Happened to One Student

Stories of the Changing Culture of Teaching and Learning with Dr. Maryfriend Carter

changing culture of teaching and learning Dr. MaryFriend Shepherd Carter

Can giving a failing grade ever benefit a student? Well, our guest Dr. MaryFriend Shepherd Carter shares an unbelievable but true story about something amazing (and a bit scary) that happened when she gave a failing grade to a college student who was pursuing a teaching degree. Dr. Carter also talks about the changing culture of teaching at the college and PK12 level.

If I had to pick a personal mentor who has taught me the most about teaching, it is Dr. Carter. Her kind demeanor and rock-solid knowledge of current educational research have made her one of my go-to researchers when I have questions relating everyday practice to research. I'm grateful for her mentorship and encouragement in my life. She changed my thinking about teaching as she taught me about teaching. She single-handedly convinced me that testing doesn't work and what does. Even better — I took the concepts she taught me back to my classroom and it worked. If you want to see my #1 teacher about teaching — here she is.

Show Notes: Adapting to the Changing Culture of Teaching and Learning

  • How have students changed in the last ten years?
  • What are characteristics of successful college professors and K12 teachers?
  • How can an “F” can still mean success for a student?
  • How can you regain your classroom if you believe you are no longer relating to students?

Educator Resources from this Episode

  • @maryfriend
  • Dr. MaryFriend Shepherd Carter wrote a piece in my book Reinventing Writing on cooperation versus collaboration that is a must-read on this essential understanding in collaborative projects.

An F was the greatest thing that ever happened to one student

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3 thoughts on “How an “F” Turned into the Greatest Thing that Happened to One Student

  1. I found this very interesting as I am not really a classroom teacher at the current time, but I am studying to earn a Master of Online Teaching, and then I would want to teach online classes at a college or university on the topics I do daily at work such as MSOffice, SQL, Base SAS, HTML and CCS.
    I really want to know that I can make students motivated either to want to be a good teacher or to recognized that this is not the career for them . . . I think this could be a good thing either way and I like know that teacher can change the life’s of their students.
    I know that my life has changes a great deal since I first started going to college and earning all of my computer science degree. All of my learn has bought me to a wonderful like of learn and I can’t want to start sharing my knowledge with others.
    Thanks for your great blog & video talk.

  2. It was so great to hear this interview! I loved hearing Dr. Carter’s story! She is definitely a professor that understands the purpose of higher education. Unfortunately, I feel like she is in the minority.

    What great advice… start by asking your students how they want to learn… engaging them in a conversation…

    This is a huge first step is modelling the interpersonal skills that students need to be successful in our current society. Just like Dr. Carter says, we need to be developing THINKERS in higher education… not information regurgitating information. Thank you for your insight!