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I have a lesson for anyone wanting to relate to people at a conference from Watch Know Learn. I came in the Cybercafe at Edscape Saturday excitedly because I had just gotten a message that my son's quarterback sack was on the “Locker room Report” on WALB Friday night. I couldn't get it to play properly on my ipad for the life of me.

The wonderful lady representing Watch Know Learn said, “I have a wired connection, let's show it on the big screen.” and everyone in the room put up with me as I forwarded it to the right part. Then, as I found it, it was AWESOME! I screamed as he ran and it was almost like I was there — everyone else yelled with me. I replayed it one more time and then she offered to rip it with Camtasia so I could have it on my jump drive! I took home on my jump drive my son's sack and am now putting it on my ipad.

She didn't ask me to tweet or to say a thing, she just related to me as a person and met a need.

We need more people who do this. We are all people and when you help PEOPLE and relate to them as a PERSON, people respond. I've written about Watch Know Learn before and tweeted it so I know they have great free, organized videos for teachers. But now, I'm going to watch and keep up with what they are doing.

It is because someone cared about me as a person that now I care about the company she works for.

We need to see this more often. I also want to note that this is also how I feel about Sylvia Martinez and Generation Yes. They gave my daughter a chance to work at ISTE last year and they allowed her to work their booth and learn so much from them. I'm grateful AND they have a great way to help kids be technology assistants at the school and integrate STEM into their curriculum.

Just wanted to make a point. Back to Dale Carnegie – if you see things from another person's point of view and help meet their needs, you help meet your own.

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