Google Classroom Bootcamp Duo Demo: Student and Teacher Views

Alice Keeler and Vicki Davis demo both sides of Google Classroom

As so many of us schools are having to move quickly to Google Classroom, Alice Keeler sat down with me recently to do what we're calling a “duo demo.” She played the role of the teacher and I played the role of the student as we shared what various actions look like on both sides of the dynamic relationship between students and teachers in Google Classroom. (The original live stream is here.)

google classroom

We screen shared for about 2 1/2 hours but I clipped this down to smaller bites and separated it by topic so that educators around the world can use these for onboarding students and teachers.

The Purpose of Duo Demos and Background

How to Add a Background to Zoom

Benefits of Onboarding Students Ahead of Time (if Possible)

How to Share Google Classroom Files Between Teachers

How a Student Joins a Google Classroom (Student and Teacher Duo Demo)

How to Set Classroom Settings in Google Classroom [Teacher]

How to Remove Someone from the Class

How to Organize Your Class, Take Attendance, and Clearly Communicate [Duo Version]

This is a longer video but definitely a basic that everyone getting started should watch. It teaches how to organize your topics so that students can find their files, how to take attendance (and connect with students while you do), a discussion about due dates, and how to teach students to find files and respond. This is a must-watch.

* How to organize your topics
* Assignments for the Day
* How to take attendance
* A quick tip about how to connect with students
* Some notes about the time an assignment is due.
* What the stream is for
* Why the classwork tab is so important
* How a student turns in the assignment
* Handing back work with comments
* Why you should grade as you go (and not wait)

How to Mark Yourself Present [Student Version Only]

9 – How to Move Around in Google Classroom and Communicate through Private Comments [Duo]

9b – How to Find Things in Google Classroom [Student]

10 How to Upload YourZoom Videos to Google Classroom


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2 thoughts on “Google Classroom Bootcamp Duo Demo: Student and Teacher Views

  1. I am doing all I can to try to figure out how to do the online instruction. I have trouble trying to remember all the steps because I have a learning disability much like our kids. I refuse to give up, so please trust that I will eventually catch on, only at a slower pace.