Going live today at 2:30 EST: Effective Wiki (and Web 2.0) teaching

OK, guys, if your'e around today at 2:30, feel free to drop by the ustream channel or visit the Google presentation for my wiki workshop up here in Maine.

I'm planning to stream if bandwidth allows most of the workshop.

So, just go to http://k12wiki.wikispaces.com to pick up the “TV Channel” and the Google presentation. If you want to play, this may not be the time for you — I plan to ustream again tonight and that will be a good time.

If you want to participate in learning (and yes, if you go ahead and join the wiki before class starts, I'll even let you do some editing and teamwork with the folks in the class — in fact, I'd love that.)

Let's try this out. Of course, my focus is on the folks in the room and if anything happens that takes away from that the stream comes down (although we'll keep using google presentations.

Come on over and Wiki with Vicki! (The class is from 2:30 – 5 pm EST you're welcome just to drop in!)

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3 thoughts on “Going live today at 2:30 EST: Effective Wiki (and Web 2.0) teaching

  1. Popped on for a bit. Saw lots of video of the ceiling. 🙁 and some discussion (I came in part way through). Could not connect to the chat window, so I had nobody to talk to. 🙁

    Great experiment, though.

  2. Vicki,

    Now that we have “backchannel bouncer” we need to have “ustream.tv camera person”. A digital camcorder would have been a useful tool. Like you said, it’s still evolving. Great session this afternoon.

  3. Stephen —

    So glad you came by! Yes, it was a 3 1/2 hour workshop and I just set up the video camera and ran around — some people dropped in and out – -the great thing was that I had a google presentation and some came in there — they were chatting with the members in the class about what they were doing — it was great.

    This is still in its infancy — I really wanted to see if it would ustream that long — and it did. I experienced no degredation on my laptop and just left it running.

    Now that I think about it I should have turned on face tracking, which I will certainly do next time.

    I’m going to be doing 1 hour sessions tomorrow and hopefully that will work better — it would really be better if it weren’t on the presenters computer.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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