Go join the Stop Cyberbullying network

We need to be discussing the issues of Cyberbullying. PLEASE join and ask everyone you to know to as well! It is over at http://stopcyberbullying.ning.com/.

It will be great in my post tomorrow at Tech Learning to be able to share that we have a lot of educators over there that have joined the network to discuss this! Let's get hundreds of educators to join in and discuss!

What to do if it is blocked:
If it is blocked, ask your tech administrator to JUST unblock stopcyberbullying.ning.com — and leave all of the other ning sites blocked. (It was blocked on my firewall.) You could copy this into your e-mail.

Technology Administrator:

Dear ___
I am beginning to work with a group of international educators to stop cyberbullying in schools. We are discussing what we can do to help this issue in ways that are legally responsible and sensitive to the needs of students.

Andy Carvin, the PBS education blogger, has created a website to allow us to discuss and share best practices so that I can pass this along to the people at our school and I would like to join. Unfortunately it is at a new website called ning and it is blocked at our school.

Could you unblock http://stopcyberbullying.ning.com/ so that I can join in the discussion and keep up with the innovation going on in this area. We have a responsibility to help with this problem which is crossing school and even country lines.

If you unblock, I hope you'll help me pass along this website so that we can get other teachers here to be aware of and understand this important issue.

Thank you! Please e-mail me at ____ to let me know what you decide. I eagerly look forward to your response.

How are you showing your support for Kathy Sierra tomorrow? (I think we should support her by DOING something not by NOT DOING something!) Get out there!

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2 thoughts on “Go join the Stop Cyberbullying network

  1. They may need to unblock the PBS Teachers site as well – we’ve started hearing from educators saying that the site is blocked because it hosts blogs. Most of the action is taking place on the Ning site, but it might be useful for people to be able to access the post that got all of this started, plus subsequent posts on cyberbullying.

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