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Give Kids What They Deserve #MondayMotivation #kidsdeserveit

by Vicki Davis
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Today Adam Welcome @awelcome inspires us to treat kids in positive ways. As co-author of Kids Deserve It, Adam gives us all a task to do at school today. He also shares the shocking mistake he made when he started teaching. It was based on what he considers bad advice from a colleague. He discusses home visits and more.

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In today's show, we'll discuss:

  • What Adam believes kids deserve and how to give it to them as educators
  • What he hopes every teacher and principal will do today to start the week off right
  • A shocking mistake he made as a first year teacher and the bad advice he wished he hadn't followed
  • Something unique he did on home visits with students when he was a principal
  • A pep talk for educators

I hope you enjoy this episode with Adam!

Want to hear another Monday Motivation? Listen to Todd Nesloney's Monday Motivation episode. Todd is the other co-author of Kids Deserve It!


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Full Bio

Adam Welcome

Adam Welcome is a Director of Innovation, co-author of Kids Deserve It, former Elementary Principal, marathon runner!

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1 comment

Tara Brown March 20, 2017 - 7:28 am

I love that this show is 10 minutes! Perfect for the drive to work each day! I’m going to make it a point to make more positive phone calls home this week!! Thank you!!


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