Free Twitter tutorial on Viddler

I came across this neat video on Viddler by Goldie. I do like the viddler format in that it allows others to comment on the video and add remarks and clarifications (you’ll see them pop up as you watch the tutorial.)

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One thought on “Free Twitter tutorial on Viddler

  1. That’s a really useful video for people who are wondering about Twitter. As a newbie to Twitter I found it very useful.
    As I was watching it I was also thinking about how many of us like to learn in this way- having someone show us how to do something visually while at the same time listening to narration and with the option of stopping and repeating a section if we need to. I wonder what this says about the changing way we are accessing information, while learning and upskilling ourselves. I guess it also says something about access for all. It also must say something about those who create as well. I know that if I decided to create a tutorial I would probably be self-teaching and learning along the way.

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