Flipboard has Made iPad Irresistable: Order Now Japanese Earthquake may limit parts

It is official. I'm officially asking for an iPad for my birthday. Flipboard is the killer app that has pushed my hand.

I spent the morning setting this up for Mom and Dad.

I was curious because now over 5% of my traffic from this blog is being read on Flipboard.

I see why it is the #1 ipad app. Amazing.

I've explored the Flipboard alternatives and the bottom line is that there aren't any. Nothing comes close.

Just take a look at what this does with my school news blog!

I've been an iTouch fan for a long time. Because I have a mi-fi card, I'll definitely just get the wi-fi version. 

Bottom line is that Flipboard makes the iPad irresistable, particularly for content producers, executives, principals, and those who need to stay abreast of trends. With the Japanese earthquake perhaps limiting production of the iPad 2, we are ordering today.

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14 thoughts on “Flipboard has Made iPad Irresistable: Order Now Japanese Earthquake may limit parts

  1. Your school news blog looks great on Flipboard.

    I have had an Ipad for a few weeks now, and really like it. It was something I didn’t think I needed but is just so convenient. I downloaded Flipboard after reading this post and it is really interesting.

  2. There’s one alternative to Flipboard that I like a lot. It’s called Zite, and, as opposed to showing you content you already follow, I’ve found it does a great job of showing me blogs that I wasn’t already aware of but would probably be interested in.

  3. For me my iPad is my killer gadget because here in Australia we don’t have the same functionality on a Kindle as you have in the USA. Whereas I find apps and how people use their iPads are really personal.

    I’ve tried several times to use Flipboards but it doesn’t suit my current preference of full posts with really quick reading. Whereas as I preferred Reeder and now prefer to read posts on my iPad using it then directly in Google Reader.

    Regardless of what apps you use or how you use your iPad you will love it. Even my techno reluctant husband fights to get hold of it every night. He sits for hours browsing the web at night reading news articles, reading about sport and music etc.

  4. You should also check out PressJack. It’s a beta product but it allows you do mashup your rss or blogs into a digital edition. So students could use it to create their own newspaper. All they would have to so is simply, one time, enter in the location of their content and that’s it. PressJack builds the publication from there.

    You can install it on your mac or pc, create the digital edition and then upload the results onto your own site. There are free trials at PressJack.com

  5. yes, if you take the time to set it up it is very cool. I highly suggest subscribing to the twitter feed of magazines and newspapers – you get most of their content and NO ADS (wait till they figure that out.)

  6. Yes, I know I will use it but when I saw flipboard I saw how it would save me so much time!! I’ll have to look at Reeder and see. I do know that the new Android tablets are supposed to be amazing as well.

    Hope you’re doing well, down under! We need to catch up.

  7. Everything about the iPad will save you time which is the best bit.

    Now you have to put me out of my misery! It’s been doing my head thinking about how you worked out 5 % of your readers are reading your blog through Flipboards. Am I missing something really obvious from where you grabbed that statistic?

    Yes I am doing well! Hope you are too. Definitely need to catch up

  8. The Flipboard app for iPad if absolutely fabulous. I downloaded it a few days ago and have found an abundance of information. Everything is in one place on Flipboard. I haven’t had time to go through it throroughly, but what I’ve seen is great.

  9. Love my iPad; love Flipboard. Just gotta know- How did you get your school blog to be a channel on Flipboard? I’d love to do this!

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