AI or HI which writes the best paper

Experiment, AI or HI: What Writes the Best Paper?

Steve Dembo's CSAI students experimented to see which combination of AI and HI produced the best papers. The results might surprise you.

Steve Dembo is a teacher. As a pioneer in Web 2.0, he's been teaching Artificial Intelligence to his Computer Science students for years. It is no surprise, he's already speaking about Generative AI. I couldn't attend his recent keynote in Chicago so, for today's 80 Days of AI and Hi Feature, here's Steve Dembo talking about Generative AI.

I think my favorite thing about this conversation is where he discusses an experiment that he did with 2 classes of same-grade level students where he had four groups who wrote papers:

  1. Totally Written by Human (Human Intelligence or HI)
  2. Pre-drafted or pre-outlined by ChatGPT and then totally edited and written by human using the pre-work
  3. Drafted by a human and then post-edited and improved only by ChatGPT
  4. Totally written by ChatGPT

He then had classes swap and had them vote on the best papers, and the results were consistent. I'll let you listen and learn what Steve said.

I've worked to fix the subtitles on the stream. Of course, subtitles and transcripts are now drafted first by AI, but interestingly, it never seems to properly recognize the word “Chat GPT” so editing the subtitles and transcripts can be tedious.

For now, I'll just have the subtitles help us out and I may go back and add chapters in this for you as well, and paste them here. If enough of you want a formal transcript, just leave a comment or contact me via Twitter and I can go back and do the heavy lifting to make the transcript.

Some Patterns I'm Seeing

But this shows exactly the issues with AI:

  • It takes HI (Human Intelligence) to create excellent prompts
  • AI can do fascinating things with great prompts and multiple human intelligence
  • After receiving output from AI, it again takes your HI to make it meaningful and useful to humans.

Steve shares a lot of wisdom in this conversation. And here we are with Day 2. I hope you enjoy this journey! Just check back here each day (except Sunday) and I'll be sharing the apps, tools, and thought leaders on this learning journey. Have a great day!

Here's another piece of artwork I created when I asked it to “Use Vivid colors and the words 80 Days of AI and HI.” It didn't give me quite what I wanted but it was an interesting start. If I could click and edit the text, that would be incredible.

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Abdul Rehman June 9, 2024 - 2:52 am

This is such an interesting experiment by Steve Dembo! The way he combined Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Intelligence (HI) to see which writes the best paper is fascinating. It’s clear that AI tools like ChatGPT can be really helpful. They can draft or outline work, making it easier for humans to write. But it’s also amazing how human creativity and editing make the final product so much better.

Tools like ChatGPT are great for starting a project, while human skills are perfect for refining and finishing it. This experiment shows that using both AI and HI together can lead to the best results. The AI helps with the heavy lifting, and then humans add the magic touch. Thanks for sharing such valuable insights!


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