University of Michigan graduate education students work with Dr. Jeff Stanzler to create a simulation for high school students to understand the Middle East. This week at the Global Education conference at 9 am EST on Friday, my ninth graders and Dr. Stanzler’s grad students and us will combine to share how this works and demonstrate the powerful learning that happens in role play simulations.

Session Title: Understanding the Middle East through a Simulation: AIC Conflict Simulation

Your Name and Title: Vicki Davis & 9th Grade Students

Your School, Library, or Organization Name: Westwood Schools

Name(s) of Co-Presenter(s): Jeff Stanzler & Preservice Teachers in the Course

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Camilla, Georgia USA and Michigan USA

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience: teachers, preservice teachers, college professors, curriculum directors

Short Session Description: Understanding the Middle East through the AIC Conflict Simulation

Session Strand (use the “tag”): 2013Curricular, 2013Students, 2013Teachers

Full Session Description: Westwood students are negotiating with other students around the world as they play world leaders in the Arab-Israeli Conflict Simulation created by the University of Michigan and run by Dr. Jeff Stanzler and his preservice teachers as part of a class. Take a look at the student side of this activity to hear from them what they are learning and how the process works.
Students will explain how the simulation works, how they are engaged, the types of activities and proposals that they’ve created and what they’ve learned as part of the process. This session is ideal for those who are interested in simulations of any kind and their value in the classroom as a transformative practice.
Teacher, Vicki Davis, will share a few best practices for engaging students in an activity that is largely text based and how she assesses and helps students collaborate and work together. Vicki and Jeff Stanzler will discuss some about the other end of the process as preservice teachers serve as “National Security Advisors” and gamemakers in this powerful “game” that promotes a better understanding of the nuances of the Middle East.

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Your Bio: Vicki Davis, author of the Cool Cat Teacher Blog and co-author of Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds is a full time teacher and IT Director at Westwood Schools and a past winner of ISTE’s Online Learning Award for co-creation of the Flat Classroom Projects. She is author of the upcoming book Reinventing Writing.

Jeff Stanzler is a professor working in teacher education and educational technology at the University of Michigan School of Education, and he is the Director of the Interactive Communications and Simulations (ICS) group. The ICS group offers several web-based curricular projects that bring secondary school students into term-long, collaborative learning relationships with peers on a worldwide network, as well as with university student “mentors.” These mentors are trained and supported within the context of undergraduate and graduate courses that are focused on supporting the student participants in an array of projects including our Arab-Israeli Conflict Simulation, and Earth Odyssey, a social/cultural issues forum linked to vicarious travel.

Date:November 22, 2013
Time:09:00-10:00 am
Event:Join me and my students! Global Education Conference Presentation: Understanding the Middle East through a Simulation: AIC Conflict Simulation
Topic:Understanding the Middle East through a Simulation: AIC Conflict Simulation
Sponsor: Global Education Conference
Location:Online - Global Education Conference 2013
Registration:Click here to register.

To Learn more about global collaboration read the guidebook to global collaboration: Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds.

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