ECM 91: Understanding the Anxieties Around Educating Special Needs Kids

Gary Dietz Helps Us Empathize: the Special Needs Episode We Should All Hear

Gary Dietz is the father of a special needs child. After his child was born, Gary realized that Dads are often an ignored caregiver for helping special needs kids. He created and edited the book Dads of Disability: Stories for, by, and about fathers of children who experience disability (and the women who love them!). In today's show, Gary tells some stories. He feels it is important to provide people with the vocabulary to discuss these topics. Listen now to hear his thoughts about raising a special needs child…

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Gary explores in his recent book, the empty-nest syndrome he experienced when his special needs child moved into another living arrangement. He found that there is too much sensitivity surrounding the vocabulary used to discuss those labeled with unique challenges. He noted that many people do not talk about these issues because they do not want to offend anyone with politically incorrect vocabulary.

Gary found many stories in the general media are inspirational and upbeat, showing a postage stamp slice of time but not a child's whole life. The majority of the time, those labeled and their caretakers must live 24/7 with labels, and those are the issues for which Gary wants to provide vocabulary. Listen now to find out more about Gary’s thoughts about raising his son.

Production Coordinator Lisa Durff created this notes and did a great job. Here's one important thing I'd like to emphasize. Let special needs kids create video! -Vicki
Gary Dietz wrote Dad's of Disability

Gary Dietz wrote Dad's of Disability

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Show notes prepared by Lisa Durff, Production Coordinator for Every Classroom Matters.

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3 thoughts on “ECM 91: Understanding the Anxieties Around Educating Special Needs Kids

  1. I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. As a future educator, I enjoyed this podcast with Gary Dietz. I may not have otherwise put much thought into the role of the father in the life of their special needs child. I agree that his book Dad’s of Disability should be on every educator’s bookshelf. I plan on getting a copy the book of my own and am looking forward to reading it.