Elearning and global competency #flatclass #globaled 03/20/2012

  • Learning with Meaning: Dude, Can You Please Edit?

    I love this great point from Kyle Dunbar that is very true. Harnessing peer pressure for positive – this is a perfect example. I want to use this example in my upcoming book.

    “Dude, Can You Please Edit?

    This was shouted across the room at him in a none-too-patient voice from a friend across the room. It was clear that when Student X went to give reluctant writer Student Y some feedback in his wiki, the piece was filled with too many errors. It was after this across-the-room exchange that reluctant writer Student Y quietly asked Teacher Wiki where the spell check function was in the wiki tool. Quietly, surreptitiously, reluctant writer Student Y went back and began to revise and edit his piece. That quick exchange with his peer made more of an impression on him than repeated attempts by his teacher. And I question whether or not the scenario would have unfolded the same way if the students had just exchanged papers. Instead, this is a perfect example of what can happen when students are encouraged to write from the beginning in a digital format.  Editing and revising is so much easier in the digital format but, more importantly, when adolescents get feedback from their peers, they are much more interested in revising than when they get the same feedback from their teacher.”

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  • Best content in Flat Classroom Educator Group | Diigo – Groups

    Teachers who are collaborating are joining this group to share their resources. 

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  • My Library for flatclassroom_research

    As mentioned in the book, research relating to global collaboration is being tagged flatclassroom_research — if you want to go back and categorize your bookmarks to help share and you use diigo – open your library on their website, go on the right side and look at advanced view. You can then select all the boxes or filter for certain tags and then modify tags and add tags to them. 

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