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Effective Student-Led Parent Conferences

by Vicki Davis
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Help students share their work. Give them a voice. Students can lead parent conferences. They can share a year-long portfolio of work. Here's how.

Today Laura Penrod Stock @tweetmeego coaches students to create powerful student-led conferences with their parents. By creating unique year-long portfolios, Laura believes students connect with their parents to help plan their future work and share their learning.

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In today's show, Laura will talk about student-led conferencing and share:

  • How to make student portfolios and conferences unique and not “cookie-cutter”
  • What a student-led conference looks like
  • Their structure for student-led conferencing as it relates to 9-grade registrations
  • The two biggest mistakes many teachers make with student-led conferences
  • How Laura keeps up with student work

I hope you enjoy this episode with Laura!

Selected Links from this Episode

  • Twitter handle: @tweetmeego
  • Laura is giving away free access to Meego. Here's how:

“So if you go to www.mymeego.com and click sign up now when it comes the time for you enter the coupon you’ll enter 1OMT and you’ll be in. if you’re the only teacher that has joined from your school, you’ll create your school. And you can invite other teachers in any grade on your team to join in and you can begin collaboration just amongst teachers.”

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Full Bio

Laura Penrod StockLaura Penrod Stock

Laura Penrod Stock is a Lee County (Georgia) middle school classroom teacher. Sculpted from her experience in economic development, she is passionate about student eportfolios. “Teaching students to present themselves and their ideas effectively will determine their success in the global marketplace,” Stock submits.

She is the inventor of Meego®, a cloud-based collaborative platform for artifact collection and eportfolio creation.

Stock holds a B.S. in Consumer Economics, Auburn University, M.P.A. , Columbus State University, M.S.E.D.L., Western Governor's University. Stock is the Lee County Georgia System Teacher of the Year 2016, GREA Outstanding Educator Award winner and a member of Delta Kappa Gamma.

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Emily Serafa Manschot March 22, 2017 - 12:24 pm

Hello Vicki and Laura, I used student-led conferences in my Spanish classes for 15 years prior to my retirement. It was a wonderful process for students to take charge of their learning and showcase what they were able to do with the language. I really enjoyed the podcast and wonder how my SLCs would have changed with the technology available now. Thanks so much

Vicki Davis March 22, 2017 - 4:45 pm

Awesome Emily! Wow!

Evon March 26, 2017 - 9:12 pm

Thank you Laura for reminding teachers to start at the beginning of the year to have students collect portfolio samples to maximize authenticity of their work. I appreciate the way you connected their collection of work that would be similar to a “LinkedIn” account, encouraging college and careet readiness. Thanks for also reminding me that these are not cookie cutter meetings with the parents. And yes, do the parents light up when the students speak!


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