Edusketching: A Tool to Help Students Understand Complex Concepts

Every Classroom Matters Episode 213

Wendy Pillars edusketch expert (2)

Your recall of information is up to 55% greater with the use of a picture linked to the content, according to edusketch expert and National Board Certified Teacher, Wendy Pillars. Wendy coined the term edusketch and authored the book Visual NoteTaking for Educators: A Teacher's Guide to Student Creativity.

OK, busy teachers, this is something you can do with a marker and a piece of paper. If you will learn this technique, you can help students learn better! No technology required! This is something all of us can do with students of all ages. We can all edusketch.

Listen to the show and then dig deep into edusketching resources at the bottom of this post to get started.

Essential Questions: Edusketching: A Tool to Help Students Understand Complex Concepts

  • What is the difference between visual notetaking and edusketching?
  • Why does Wendy prefer markers and paper over iPads?
  • What if students say they can't draw or create?
  • What is the neuroscience behind edusketching and memory improvement?
  • Why adults seem to be intimidated more than students by edusketching and how to move past it?
  • How can you handle criticism from colleagues when you try something new?
  • What are some classroom examples of using edusketches with young students?

Educator Resources from this Episode with Wendy Pillars

Other Resources for Visual Notetaking, Notetaking, and Edusketching


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2 thoughts on “Edusketching: A Tool to Help Students Understand Complex Concepts

  1. I love this idea of edusketching! I am one of those people that are always writing notes, or rewriting them, and leaving sticky notes all of my computer and desk to remind me to do stuff. I am a visual learner and I bet this would really help students that are too. I like to think I remember a lot of stuff through pictures (almost like a photographic memory). My future students may find this tip extremely helpful to them. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea and your thoughts and knowledge of edusketching!