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Teach vocabulary using the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics from English Teacher Melanie. Scan student exit tickets and grade in a snap using your iphone. Use games in your classroom. Pick the perfect color scheme for your document or website and use Growtopia to teach science. All of these are ways to improve your teaching.

I'm running today because we have National Honor Society initiation and last night was PTO so everything has to be set up this morning! (You know how that is.)

But even in the rush, I want to stop to tell you how important your job is. I can't tell you how many times fellow teachers and I have sat down with tears in our eyes wondering if we can afford to teach another year — with job offers on the table to make quadruple and more of our current salaries – it comes back to one thing. We love these kids.

It is surprising with how teachers are treated that there is anyone left to teach today's kids. But there are. That is because you are a  noble generation of teachers — if you remember this. Don't let how hard it is to teach keep you from bringing it each and every day. Innovate. Be amazing. Encourage each other. Be the light at your school. Don't get down on admin – your sights are directed in the wrong way — take time to be up on students. Think about students. Make experiences for them. Love them. Be the kind of adult they need in their lives even if they don't have any one else.

I'm honored to be among you, my friends. Teachers are some of the greatest souls on this planet and no one can take your nobility away but YOU. You can disregard who you are and what you mean to the world – BUT DON'T. Be the nobility that the world needs to see. Even if they don't see the tears   – be the kind of person who teaches in amazing profound ways. Do it because you love the kids. Push forward, make your school better, never settle. Be epic because that is who you are and what you do. Every day, you do it.

This, my friends, is a job worth doing and a job worth doing well even if no one notices. Great teachers inherit a legacy eventually. That is just how it works out. It always does.

Have an epic day, friends, bring it!

😉 Vicki

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