Education: Putting Kids on the Race to Nowhere?

 Whether you think it is sensational or right on, this movie will have educators, parents, and students talking. I've found typically the answers are somewhere in the middle where the wise minds meet, however, take a preview of the trailer for Race to Nowhere which will be screened September 30 and October 4. If you go to the website, you can request to participate in the screening or see the schools that have requested to participate. (Some are doing it as a fundraiser.)  It does make me nervous scheduling a screening without having seen it, however, they are releasing a facilitator's guide that you can review.

Hat Tip Scott McLeod and  Anne Shaw 

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7 thoughts on “Education: Putting Kids on the Race to Nowhere?

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  2. This is a true statement about much of our education system today. We are so worry about educating kids to a standard that we often forget to teach them to think for themselves. We also don’t often leave them enough time to put together all of the information being thrown at them. A change in the structure, how curriculum is presented and how standards are based needs to be reassessed on a nationwide level. We need to put the focus back on the kids, not on the numbers.

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