3 Strategies for Building an Authentic Audience for Your Student’s Work

Building authentic audience is an essential technique for 21st century teachers. Linda Yollis, a 27 year elementary teacher shares with us how she uses social media in the classroom.  Using their class blog and teacher's social media connections, Linda's students write for the world. Let's learn as Linda Yollis @lindayollis, classroom blogging extraordinaire, shares how she engages her students using blogging.

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Linda Yollis – Show #49 – Trial and Error: 3 Strategies for Building an Authentic Audience for Your Student's Work

Linda Yollis, 3rd grade teacher, finds using social media with students can be incorporated into many content areas.

Teaching with Twitter

In one instance, she posted out a question on Twitter asking what the weather was like for other people. She and her students received many responses from around the world, incorporating geography, math, English, reading, science all into the answers.

Classroom Blogging

Linda is excited about learning and finds this is contagious and has spread to her students. She does incorporate digital safety along with teaching subjects like coding, which she learns right along with her students. Their blog is a classroom activity to which the students contribute. Students write posts, comments, add code, and pictures of the day.

About Linda Yollis: Linda is an award winning teacher, having won the several Edublogger Awards, earned the Google Certified Teacher designation, and Digital Voice Awards. Her class blog is nominated for a Bammy Award this year and she keynoted last year at San Luis Obispo County Computer Using Educator's conference.

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Show notes prepared by Lisa Durff, Production Coordinator for Every Classroom Matters.

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  1. Hi Vicki and Linda, thanks for sharing your tips with everyone. Students have a massive opportunity before them to let their work be seen by people all over the world. I’m actually based in Dublin, Ireland and have been reading some of the stories on Mrs. Yollis’ class blog. One idea for class blogs is to share ideas an resources for important days such as Columbus day which is coming up. I see that you are using your blog to teach your students coding also which is great. You have so much content on your blog and a large audience so it is a great place for your students to say goodbye when they move on to a new class. Keep ’em coming!

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