UDL Principles to Reach Every Child (with Karen Janowski)

Design online learning materials for students with special needs using Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Principles and everyone learns more. UDL advocate Karen Janowski shares a power-packed 10 minutes of ideas for designing online learning experiences to reach every child.  Go on a turbo tour of Karen's popular UDL Toolkit wiki in this show.

Karen Janowski teaches UDL principles on Every Classroom Matters

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Karen Janowski #72, “Universal Design: How to Personalize Learning for Every Child”

Karen Janowski, Assistive Technology Specialist with the Newton Public Schools, talks with Vicki Davis about the Universal Design for Learning  principles (UDL) that will reach and teach every student. She traced the term ‘universal design’ back to its use in architecture, where it meant a design that was useful to everyone. She advocates teaching every student throughout the school day by using good design tools.

When you design lessons to help those with special needs, everyone benefits. Audio recording, Voicethreads, slideshows (Animoto), and other alternate methods to paper and pencil are her favorites.  Karen emphasizes the reusability of screencasts, as other reusable learning objects (RLO’s).

Karen has built a wiki along with Joyce Valenza, of UDL Resources, just for the classroom teacher who is searching for alternate tools for students.

Karen mentions Cast.org, one of the originators of Universal Design for Learning in education.  Using text to speech tools for assessment is one tip she wishes every teacher knew.  She likes VoiceThread, Schmoop, Rewordify, and TLDR (a chrome extension).

Vicki recommends teachers study Karen's UDL Toolkit wiki to learn more  UDL Principles.

Listen to Karen Janowski teach UDL Principles

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Show notes prepared by Lisa Durff, Production Coordinator for Every Classroom Matters.

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