Silvia Tolisano: Connect Your Classroom to the World

Every Classroom Matters episode 23

Silvia Tolisano @langwitches an educator formerly in Florida, now in Brazil,  is a legendary teacher to many of us who collaborate globally because she's been doing it so well for so long. She is one of the educators who has impacted me the most as I've connected my own classroom globally.

Silvia Tolisano global teacher

Who will want to listen to this show?

If you want to understand the benefits of connecting students globally and how Silvia has done it at her last school in Florida and in her new home in Brazil, you'll want to listen to the show.

My favorite part is when Silvia tells about her favorite collaborative project that she started with a children's poet and how that project continues to grow from year to year even though she's left her first school. The organic life of collaborative relationships in schools is an emerging conversation and you can understand it better with this story. There's a unique curriculum created by collaboration that CANNOT be transported from school to school. This is why schools should look to attract teacherpreneurs who have mastered the art of flattening the classroom.

Listen to Every Classroom Matters Episode 23: Silvia Tolisano

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Twitter: @langwitches

Silvia is a Google Glass explorer and writing on her blog about what she's doing with Google Glass in her classroom. She is one who doesn't get caught up in hype so if she's doing it, I'm reading about it and you should too.

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