ECM Show #27: Annice Brave and @jhudson55 #engchat teachers talk about coplanning

Listen to this show now by clicking this image.

Listen to this show now by clicking this image.

 Annice Brave, 2010 Illinois Teacher of the Year (and finalist for national teacher of the year), and her planning partner Jeff Hudson (@jhudson55) co-plan on Google Drive. These 20 year veteran teachers from Alton High School in Illinois talk about how this technique has pushed their thinking and helps them be better teachers. Annice also shares some about the evolution of journalism in her school (they partnered with a college and have a radio station) and the unique way they allow students to self-select for the honors program that helps include more minorities in the program. She also shares some astounding research on test scores being stronger for journalism students than AP students. (Here’s the link to that information.)

This is a fantastic 10 minute conversation with two of the best. via Bam Radio Network

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