Roy Wilson: Tips, Tricks and Wisdom from a 40 year history teacher [ECM #40]

Roy Wilson is a 40 year educator who has been awarded History teacher of the year and state teacher of the year in Arkansas. He works for the Sheridan Public School District and now leads their gifted and talented program while he still makes time to get in the classroom.

Roy Wilson award winning history teacher in Arkansas

I found Roy randomly on Twitter. Actually, Roy isn't on Twitter, but a student of his tweeted out to the #teacher hashtag that the most life changing teacher he ever had was Roy Wilson and a link to this article.

The purpose of my show – Every Classroom Matters – is not to give you the echo chamber of voices of educators who are on Twitter and social media but to reach past into every classroom. Real teachers – especially those who have been around and still have their love of kids and teaching – these are the stories we should tell to encourage each other and lift each other up. Your classroom is important and real teachers doing this every day are heroes.

Awesome educators are awesome – you are not validated by whether you choose to contribute or participate in social media – it can add to your life and help others but isn't required. Love kids, know your stuff, and be passionate and interesting. Roy Wilson is epic.

Who will want to listen?

History teachers and gifted and talented program organizers will want to listen to this show. If you want to do reenactments or role playing in the classroom, it will interest you as well. Roy is awesome and I'm so glad for students who recognize their teachers. If you know a Roy, let me know so we can tell their stories.

My favorite thing Roy Said

One of my favorite things said in this podcast is when Roy talks about the reenactments he does and how he still brings it when he goes into history classrooms and his advice for being an awesome teacher. It is timeless advice about teaching and I've already relistened to this show several times just to remind myself and hear it again.

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Add Roy Wilson to your PLN

Roy isn't on social media, but you can reach out to him here. Let him know what he says that resonates with you.

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