Gamifi-ed: Studying Serious Games and an OOC ECM #51

Verena Roberts @verenanz , Lee Graham @akleeg, and Colin Osterhout @costerhout share the vision for Gamifi-ED and how the project got started.

Gamifi-ed Founders on the Every Classroom Matters Show

Sometimes classroom projects happen that change everything for you as a teacher. For me, Gamifi-ed has completely rocked my world in terms of what I think students can do. Stay tuned next week, but for now, we're kicking off the Gamifi-ed OOC with this #ecmatters show and a video.

Who will want to listen to this show?

If you're curious or have questions about the effective use of games in education, you'll want to listen to this show.

My favorite thing in the show is the questions each guest shared that worries them about games in education.

Listen to Every Classroom Matters Episode 51: Gamifi-ed OOC

Listen now!

Listen on iTunes “Gamification: What Does it Take to Create Serious Games that Actually Result in Learning?”

What is Gamifi-ED?

The four of us make up the four gamemakers for Gamifi-ed: (Verena – OOC Gamemaker, Lee – Higher Ed Gamemaker, Colin – Minecraft Gamemaker, and I'm the K12 gamemaker.)

So, listen to the show on BAM and if you want to know more and dive deeper, watch the video below which is a behind the scenes look at what is going on now.

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