Dawn Casey-Rowe : Innovating When You’re in a Challenging School

Learning shouldn’t be for a test or an event; learning should be for everybody claims Dawn Casey-Rowe @runningdmc on this episode of Every Classroom Matters. Like many of you, Dawn teaches in a  challenging situation but she loves her students and finds time to innovate anyway. Let's learn how.

Dawn Casey-Rowe

This history teacher of 235 students feels the educational paradigm needs to be changed towards developing successful people.  She supports changing terms from “administration” to “educational leadership” which reminds her of successful actions.  We need leaders not administrators to move ahead in challenging situations.

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She remembers many reiterations of standards through the years but does appreciate the present Common Core standards as more skills based and believes these standards have the potential to positively impact classrooms. In college, she learned about being an educator who paid personal attention from a professor who cared about her as a person.  It is an educator’s duty to really care for students and show those students they care with personal attention.

In Rhode Island, Dawn is part of EdUnderground, a group for sharing best technological practices in education. She also works with Learnist, developed for educational uses for engaging learners. As she claims, learning shouldn’t be for a test or an event, learning should be for everybody.

Dawn’s favorite hashtags on Twitter are #edchatri #edunderground and #learnist

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Listen to Every Classroom Matters #15

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