6 Ideas for Connected Classrooms

Bev Berns @B_Berns (Iowa), Kim Powell (Michigan) @powell4thgrade live and work in different states supporting their teachers. That has not stopped them from connecting and creating projects for teachers everywhere (including theirs). In fact, I believe that they are redefining what regional support staff should be doing: Making connection opportunities for their teachers.

Upcoming projects include Weather Wonders in March and Service Learning in April. (February is Book Trailer Month, cool.)

Who should listen to Kim and Bev's story?

If you're an IT integrator or District/ Region / State technology support staff, you should listen to this show. If you're a teacher looking for cool new projects, you should also listen as they have great ideas for math, history, and literature projects.

My favorite part of the show was when they talked through their plans for the whole year. While it is February now and some of these projects are past, it is not too late to get in on some of their very cool end of year projects. 

6 Connected Classrooms Project Ideas in Practice:

  1. Mystery Skype. If you want to plan Mystery Skype, you'll want to see their Mystery Skype overview and their overview for K-2 teachers.
  2. Blogging. Here's how they got classrooms Blogging and writing Community of Writers (Blogging) Project (They used Kidblog and linked to Pernille Ripp's Kidblog Tutorial.)
  3. Math. Math teachers should watch their video story problem channel to use with their kids (with Ben Rimes). This is fantastic for math teachers – there are 195 video story problems to use! (See how they did it and the Common Core Standards met. This is a great example of how you can join with what others are doing.)
  4. Book Video Trailers. Right now, they are creating Book Trailers with their students and YOU CAN STILL JOIN IN! (Free and yes, aligned to Common Core Literacy Standards.)
  5. Weather Wonders. (Coming Soon) Connect to Weather Experts.
  6. Service Learning (April)

Learn More: http://connectedclassroomsprojects.wikispaces.com/home

Listen to Every Classroom Matters Episode 21 : Bev Berns and Kim Powell

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“Connected Classrooms: Bringing the World To Your Students”

Add Bev Berns and Kim Powell to your PLN

Bev Berns
Twitter: @B_Berns
Website: http://www.aea1.k12.ia.us/en/school_technology/tech_in_the_classroom/

Kim Powell
Twitter: @powell4thgrade
Website: http://kimberlypowell.org/

Link to their projects: http://connectedclassroomsprojects.wikispaces.com/

You should take time to look at these projects as you consider how you'll connect your classroom.  (and if this is your thing and you want to know how to do it yourself, consider picking up Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds).

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