Anne Collier: The Best Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Digital citizenship can't be taught from a book. Anne Collier's views are rich with examples from around the world of best practice in digital citizenship education. Anne should know. She works on Facebook's Safety Advisory Board and edits NetFamilyNews.  Anne argues “digital citizenship” shouldn't even be the term – in today's world, these conversations are part of citizenship.

Anne Collier talks about digital citizenship with Vicki Davis on this episode of Every Classroom Matters.

Listen to “An Educators Guide to Digital Citizenship”

She makes the surprising assertion that the United States is behind many classrooms she has visited around the world. (Hear why.) After listening to Anne, many schools should reevaluate their approach teaching digital citizenship.


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Listen to Anne Collier – ECM #71

Show Notes Anne Collier #71, “An Educator's Guide to the Emerging, Expanding View of Digital Citizenship”

Anne Collier, the co-director of a nonprofit in Silicon Valley, talks with Vicki Davis about digital citizenship.

Digital citizenship is beyond netiquette, digital safety, and online classroom management.  Citizenship includes participation, a sense of belonging, and rights / responsibilities.

Bronwyn Stuckey and Marianne Malmstrom with their work on Quest Atlantis are shared as a best practice in her description of digital citizenship.

Anne stresses that digital environments are not separate from physical environments.  Teaching these skills is important, but practicing is imperative.

The biggest issues in this field right now include active and responsible participation.  She advocates working in an online community of practice. Join a learning community in which students rise to the challenge of exercising digital citizenship when allowed to use the tools in their education.

Anne recommends looking at what people have written about citizenship and applying salient points to the digital environment. She tries to focus on social literacy, media literacy, and digital literacy.

Listen to Anne Collier – ECM #71

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Show notes prepared by Lisa Durff, Production Coordinator for Every Classroom Matters.

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  1. Nice concept of digital citizenship, Yes when almost everybody is connected with internet a new world is formed. I am looking forward to see some rules and regulations to be a good digital citizen. Good luck and regards

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