Don’t Wait for the Wind, My Friend

Yazoo City, MS TornadoImage via WikipediaAs I spent over half an hour in the closet holding and shushing my babies while Kip listened for the “freight train” noise again that woke us all and sent us running.

As we listened to the torrential hail- I looked at my babies again.

These children are a gift. Whether they are crabby or upset that I'm embarrassing them again or wishing I'd move from my chair so they could play XBox or watch ANOTHER episode of LOST or cartoons – they are mine.

The power just came back on a few moments a go and most of them are asleep and I'm very very tired but my babies are all safe and they are all here.

Sometimes the tornadoes have to howl and the trees have to split outside your window before you see the precious gifts that grow under your own roof. 

My babies are here. They are precious. I love them. I think I'll tell them a few extra times today.

What gifts do you not appreciate until the winds blow?

Don't wait for the wind, my friend, appreciate those gifts now. Tell them you love them today.

(I'm sure they will feel lots of love for me as we work in the yard today to undo the damage but that is ok. Love doesn't mean we don't have our kids work along side us. It means we face the storms and the aftermath together.)

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Wait for the Wind, My Friend

  1. I recently found this poem online. It’s not great poetry, but the sentiment it conveys, especially in the second verse. When I see the graveyards filled with toys and flowers and tokens of many kinds, I wonder whether they aren’t sometimes an attempt to soothe a conscience that waited for the wind.

  2. I have been tracking your tweets for a class (Computer Software in the Classroom) at Missouri Southern State University (in Joplin, MO), and just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed this. I have had many tears recently… Well, let me start at the beginning, I’ll try to keep it brief: 7 years ago, I had to drop out of college because my husband and I decided we wanted to start a family (I got married and pregnant at 20). 4 Children and 6 years later, I decided to try again. It has been so hard for me to put a hold on my education. I have been a stay-at-home-mom these last years, and although I love my children, being at home is simply not for me. In the Spring of 2010, I decided I was ready for that next step… to change my life. I lost 60 pounds, chopped off 13 inches of my hair, and enrolled back in school. So, here I am, a year later, and although I LOVE being back in school (and I’m only 4 semesters away from graduating), I think I may have to drop again. I absolutely HATE this idea, but I know that by being in school, I am really making things difficult on my husband. I looked into childcare for next semester (my kids are 7, 4, 3, 1), but it is going to cost me almost $80/day for 3 children… and that is for the daycare at the college (supposed to be cheaper for students). Until now, my husband’s job has allowed him to watch the kids during the morning while I’m at school, but I’m afraid that if I keep this up, it may take a toll on my marriage and thus my kids. I don’t want to wait “for the wind,” but I don’t want to give up my dreams, again. It makes this decision very hard. There is no doubt that my family comes first, but it is so difficult for me to think of waiting another 4 or 5 years until all the kids are in school. Your post really helps me to see my priorities. It doesn’t make the decision any easier, but I think I know what has to be done.
    BTW, I have enjoyed following you. I decided to write about your link for FAKEBOOK. 🙂

  3. I was a stay at home mom and didn’t regret a MOMENT! Your family is first! I
    have had to put off furthering my own education b/c I cannot do it all
    either! Life has choices and make them count!

    Look at online alternatives but remember that your kids will be older one
    day and NOT need you so much. It is OK!! I have my own dreams that I have on
    old as I have two teens in high school. It is OK. Thank you for reaching

    And remember – you only get one life and one of our most important jobs is
    to be mom, wife, and kids – LOVE THEM and live life with no regrets as much
    as possible. It is tough being a mom! It is tough living on this earth! For
    me, these are the tears I cry as I ask God what to do in the morning. It
    gives me peace knowing He guides me.

    Keep going and move ahead. Sounds like you have a wonderful family that
    needs you. That, in itself, is a blessing.
    Vicki A. Davis
    Twitter: @coolcatteacher

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