Don’t Be a Dead Sea

The Dead Sea takes in water but there is no outlet to the sea.  Thus, it is salty, bitter, and generally just… dead.

People who are a dead sea are always taking, using up things and become bitter.

Dead Sea people never give anything to another person and never share.

There is no, “here let me show you,” but only “let me take from you.”

Dead Sea people suck the life out of others.  They sit in classes, and professional development and never give back anything but bitterness.

Don't be a Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is benign but still harmful — I could see an ancient famished traveler running to the beautiful blue shores thirsting for a drink with a horrible mouth full of salty, bitter nastiness.  No fish to cook, no water to drink.  Just a deceptive body of water masquerading as an oasis that provides no sustenance for life.

What are you?  A Live or Dead?

Are YOU getting Bitter or Getting Better?

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Dead Sea

  1. “Live or dead, bitter or better,responsible or irresponsible?
    It all depends on our perception. Two things are very important for any individual
    1) How much he respect himself?
    2) How much he respect other’s opinion? and which opinion?
    If we respect ourselves we value our existence in the society,we niche a place for ourselves in the crowd and we sign every task assigned to ourselves with excellence. We tend to lead and not become the blind follower.Our Rishis and saints stay in isolation and gather so much strength and energy and plays an important role in revolutionising the society.whether it is SWAMI VIVEKANAND OR SWAMI RAMDEV OR SRISRI RAVISHANKAR JI OR MAHATMA GANDHI .I feel amazed,how a pandit in small temple of a small village of calcutta has been known to the world as RAMAKRISHNA PARAMHANSA without any publicity,specially when he was considered insane by some of his contemprories.How a child of illiterate fisherman has become the MISSILE MAN AND PRESIDENT OF INDIA.Why all good research work and innovations have come from the people belonging to small villages .
    why the Henery keller was able to do well in life inspite of all her disabilities.Credit goes to their sense of self-respect, sense of responsibility( ability to respond according to our capabilities).They have not taken the support of any brand.They developed themselves so much that they become brand themselves.They were concerned about the sentiments of others,but not bothered about the baseless criticism .They didnot have the time for making complaints,they were busy in laying the foundation for better society.”

  2. I understand what you’re trying to say and appreciate the idea. But that’s an odd metaphor in my opinion. The Dead Sea has qualities that are very helpful to people, its water, mud, and even air, have therputic qualities found no where else in the world, and people come from all over to be healed by it. It is one of the most special magical healing places on the planet. Rethink your analogy!

  3. Hello
    You Really handling a very good topic.I agree with you.yeah i am live or not dead.I think the Dead sea supports no Sea life. It yields large amounts of mineral salts.Your blog really a good inspiration for all people who are living like dead sea.Thanks

  4. every human should learn from the past. past is always help full for us. so please don’t forgot the past

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