Do you write great lesson plans: You can make money on them!

If you're not participating in Edbloggernews, you're really missing out. I just found this gem that I'm going to look into more. It references an article posted yesterday from CNN about the new website

You upload all file types of ORIGINAL work and it can be purchased and downloaded by other teachers for use in their classroom. You get 85% of the proceeds. I'm probably going to sign up without paying the fee to see what I think. (There is a $29.95 fee annual fee to participate.) He has recruited several award winning teachers who are already submitting plans for sale.

I have full PowerPoints, handouts, and resources for so many of my lessons. I've hesitated to share all of them because there seem to be pirates out there that like to snitch material and market it as their own. This is a way for me to market and share that material so it doesn't gather dust on my shelf. Much like ebay, buyers will rate the sellers on this market and what could emerge is a powerful tool to facilitate exchange of effective classroom materials.

I'm going to look at it more and let you know what I think. Meanwhile, it is worth a look and I like the idea.

I have to wonder if school districts will pay for such material or if it will be yet another expense out of the teacher's pocket. I almost wish he would rename it so that it would sound more legitimate on the PO. “School resource market” or something like that. Having worked with the public school system, there's a lot in a name. I would be afraid would raise red flags in bookkeeping.

Another benefit from the New Net! Now, get there and make money off that lesson plan you slaved over!

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7 thoughts on “Do you write great lesson plans: You can make money on them!

  1. Vicki, what about work for hire copyright? If you did this and it lies within the scope of work, you need a written release from your district to sell this stuff.

  2. Thank you for posting about this. I’ve been out of the world of teaching for two short years, yet feel like I’ve missed so much. This looks like it could really be worthwhile!

  3. Can you hear me screaming from where you are???? You just made my day!!!

    And and and — if you check, there are NO technology lessons yet. Grins — as I said, YET!!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!


  4. Many mixed opinions here.

    Brian — I have freely shared some things in the past just to find them in someone else’s book under their copyright. That seems to go against the ideas of honesty. Web 2.0 is about content creation but doesn’t mean it HAS to be free. If I develop a 30 page manual with powerpoints, lesson plans and tests on PowerPoint (and I have), why should I post it freely. Shouldn’t I be able to profit from that.

    Miguel –
    Most of the things I’ve developed I did as CEO of my business Bright Ideas, Inc. before I ever came to the school. I have adapted it for the school but did it with the understanding that I would retain all rights to my material. I am also at a private school. This is definitely something that may be an issue in public schools, however, I wonder if they will allow people to release their work at all. Do they have to get a release to use it on the free sites, I wonder?

    Cammy & JenW, I hope it works for you. I’m going to look into it a little more and spend some time there. I have a feeling that some great teachers may be willing to give away “secrets” for a little extra incentive!

    I heard a speech several years a go about how good teachers were going to become the entrepreneurs and money makers of tomorrow through such things as this. This was before I got into education at a business conference. They stated: People who can teach and do it very well are going to be transported around the world through the Internet and will help other teachers improve on their teaching.

    That is why I gave this site a second look. Jury is still out here, however. I’m not one to jump into things so quickly.

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