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Do you want your washing machine to tweet you?

by Vicki Davis

Well, you may not want a tweet when the washing machine is done, but this person does.  (I'd rather have one for that infernal dryer of mine that just doesn't seem to dry!)

And that is just what I've been doing this break – enjoying my family, cleaning out closets, enjoying cuisine Kip cooked on our new grill, and washing clothes.

Oh, and if you're on twitter, you'll know I got an itouch for christmas – more on that later.

But, this brings to the point that we do want to connect and make things easier – the connections are just beginning – this link up is sort of crazy, however, it is something that would be useful to many. 

What do you wish would tweet you?  Here are my ideas:

  • A tweet when the shower was free!
  • A tweet when I'm about to get a bad phone call.
  • A tweet to remind me to get gas in the car.
  • My dishwasher to tweet me when it is done drying the dishes.
  • How about my computer tweeting me if my teenage son ever typed “sex” in his web browser?  (ah ha!) 

OH well, just some thoughts.  Whatever we do – microblogging is a new, permanent part of our present and will figure into our future somehow.

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kherbert January 3, 2009 - 12:27 am

Not really I have a small house and what is the point to have the washer tweet me if I’m not home.I don’t run it if I’m not at home. I could see this for apartment dwellers.

The only home system I want to tweet me is the alarm.

Paul Bogush January 8, 2009 - 12:21 pm

I would like a tweet from my dog when she wants to be let out instead of scratching at the door!

Shemah January 8, 2009 - 6:58 pm

I would like a tweet when:

~ it’ll rain so I don’t waste my time washing my car (weather forecasts aren’t always accurate, right?)
~ everytime my 1 year old daughter needs to go to the toilet so I wouldn’t have to spend so much on disposable diapers. LOL!
~ when something’s stuck in my teeth/unzipped zipper/boogie hanging out of my nose/other potentially embarrassing situations.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it.. LOL!

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