Do you know why you want to be a teacher?

This week, as I teach my ninth grade computer fundamentals class about how to create a social media campaign, we are working to promote the sale of bracelets in the movement to end modern day slavery. 

Three years ago, my students participated in the Many Voices for Darfur project with other students around the world. I want my students to be social media mavens, hinges that can influence society by understanding the power of social media. But building awareness isn’t enough. I want them to know that they can act. 

I want to be a living lesson plan helping them learn about life itself.

Who I want to be

Like an explorer setting forth on a journey to an unknown country, I want to be the one in the crow’s nest spotting the land of their future profession or passionI believe that every student has something that student does best.  

I want to be the one who helps the child who doesn’t test well see the beauty in the art she draws. I want to be the one who helps a young man with dyslexia learn how to download a book on his cell phone. I want to be the one who hugs a child when she gets accepted to college. I want to be the one who can hold it together even on a hectic day to show children that an adult can hold her temper, even when stressed. 

I want to help students from around the world travel electronically to a place of greater understanding that will benefit our world. I want to be a reason a child wants to come to school and engage. I want to connect kids to their future.

Let that be me.

Let that be you.

Who teachers must be

If you’re one of those fine, hard working, intelligent, empathetic people… or even if you’re not but want to be that kind of person.Welcome. Welcome to a profession of great professionals. 

We are noble because we behave nobly. We expect a lot from each other and yes, we’re heartbroken when those among us break faith with the children in their care. However, we will never use that as an excuse to be anything less than excellent.

To be or not to be… that is not a question for me. 

I want to be… a teacher with my lips, my hands, my feet, and my life itself. (I want to teach with this blog too!)

I’m not perfect but I love my students. I don’t know everything but I have an attitude of lifelong learning. I don’t know everyone but I do know a lot of smart people who help me when I’m having a problem (and I want to help them.)

While any job can be used to serve mankind, perhaps no profession is more important to the future of this planet than that of teaching. It is a job rich in meaning and opportunity to make a difference.

Why do you teach and struggle through a job that isn’t always easy? Why do you keep going? Why do you do it? Some may call us sappy but I call us in love with what we know our profession to be: noble. It is only as noble as we behave. It is time to remember our noble calling, teachers.

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