Delving into the Conversation: Deep Conversation Searches on Twitter

To get the most out of Twitter, it is helpful to have a few tools.  I adore TweetDeck and use it at home.  But, sometimes it is helpful to have a little mini search engine of twitter.  In this case, I”ve added Summize Twitter Search and TweetScan twitter search to my default search engines in firefox. 

This is a useful thing for even non-twitterers who want to see the conversation on a topic of current interest.  In fact, I often search twitter BEFORE google as it is really a search engine of what people are saying.

How to Add Summize to your Firefox Bar

I use summize when I want to see the CONVERSATION.  I did this today when my sister asked me about a tweet where I had thanked Tim O'Reilly for mentioning a blog post I did on his Web 2.0 conference. 

That tweet really meant a lot to me, and I wanted to show Sarah (my sis) the little, albeit miniscule conversation.  You can see at the top of this page the “conversation” that turned up. 

If you wanted to download all your tweets, summize will also go back to December 2007.

Tweetscan lets you search by person, sets it up for email alerts AND lets you download tweets.  If you want to follow what people are saying about you that don't reply or know where you are, you can set up email alerts if you're not a big RSS user.


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