Take the Thanksgiving Dare: Be There!

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Take the Thanksgiving Dare: put down your cell phone and be there. Dare to remember to be a human being, not just a human doing. Let's give a present on Thanksgiving by being PRESENT. Be intentional. Be there!

Take the Thanksgiving Dare: Be There

There will be people who have their day ruined on Thanksgiving by a text message or a tweet or a Facebook update. Why not put the cell phones up and just enjoy being present? Have a basket by the door and deposit your cell phone.

Thanksgiving Dare: Put Down the Cell Phone and Be There

Put down your phone and pick up your life! I Dare You!

Remember who you are teacher. You teach with your life every day. And right now you're a family member or friend. Remember those precious babies and adults and parents across the table from you tomorrow. They need you THERE!

Be there – REALLY THERE. Make some memories. Eat some pie. But don't be the person texting on their cell phone the whole time — that person is going to be the turkey.

Hide your cell phone from yourself this holiday. I dare ya!

While you're at it, here's a poem to help you remember and focus on who you are! Your family needs you! Be there! 

Remembering Who I Am

I am not an avatar nor am I an id
I am not my Twitter nor my online identity
I am not my LinkedIn and my blog isn't me
I’m a mom and a teacher in all simplicity.

Tis easy to get caught up in “being something” more
when what I am to be is often the two feet on my floor.
No one else can hug my kids nor wipe a wet tear
love the unlovely or calm the raw fear.

The pressure from “somewhere” to be some kind of star
is deceiving and distracting from helping us be who we are.
Balance, focus, and time offline
are the successful habits of the overachieving mind.

Reject the invisible hand that pushes you to stress
think what you want and how time should be spent best.
Choose your life’s course, don’t just flow with the stream,
you can be more…but it should fit with your dream.

by Vicki Davis

Remember who you are

Remember who you are!


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5 thoughts on “Take the Thanksgiving Dare: Be There!

  1. Brilliant! Love the poem and its sentiments. There is no better present than being present for those you love. The challenge is a worthy one to take up. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the day with your family!

    • You too Norah and I agree! I have my cell phone a bit this morning but I am the only one up!!! 😉
      Vicki Davis
      @coolcatteacher Blog
      Host – Every Classroom Matters Show
      Author – Reinventing Writing

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