Daily Spotlight on Education 11/04/2009

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4 thoughts on “Daily Spotlight on Education 11/04/2009

  1. Cool Cat,

    I enjoyed reading the social networking article from CNN.com. As a teacher and a mother – I often wonder how young is too young for computer use, social networking, ect… But as Clark said “The reality is that we’re a technology driven generation”.

    The associated press stated, “Textbooks? That’s so old school”. Children will be introduced to computers on their first day of school. Hopefully technology will be a part of their every day routine. Hopefully teachers are using technology to truly do different things (Thornburg, 2008). As a parent, why not help them get a head start?

    I do believe that all children need to be monitored while on the computer/internet (at school and at home). As the article mentioned, there are predators on the net. A nine year old shouldn’t be allowed to use the internet alone, just as he shouldn’t be allowed to go to the mall alone.

    I hope that I make the right choices, as a parent. I hope that, as a teacher, I prepare my students for the technology generation!


    Thornburg, D. (2008), {DVD}, Understanding the Impact and Expectations of Technology on Education, Work, and Society, The Emergence of Educational Technology, Laureate Education Inc

    Associated Press. (2008, May 9). Technology rich classrooms render textbooks useless. Teacher Magazine.

  2. I’d like to say something about the topic of gossip. I’m a Dave Ramsey listener and he is a great opponent of gossip. In fact, he considers it a fireable offense in his business.

    I find that gossip hurts morale, destroys the team atmosphere, and causes a general air of negativity around you.

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