Daily Spotlight on Education 03/13/2009

  • More Spanish: Collaborations & connections

    Sometimes teachers reach out and find others are not there. This is what it takes to set up collaboration. I’ve found that it takes a teacher totally committed to eventually find a person to connect with — it takes two determined teachers to make it happen — her experiences are similar.

    So, if you have students who speak mostly spanish and would like to collaborate — please please connect and leave a comment on this post. Share resources and places that you’re connecting. Sometimes, twitter, as she says, does end up being the best way to connect.

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One thought on “Daily Spotlight on Education 03/13/2009

  1. Vicki, you are so right about needing the one dedicated teacher but then two who are risk takers, dedicated, hard working, strong communicators etc to make it happen. I am so lucky to have found some such people to connect with.
    I would like to add to the statement on twitter. On Thursday, I was teaching my netgened class. I had realised that they probably do not really understand how far the personal web could take them in learning. Last Friday, when I was on twitter, I learned of my Melbourne friends experiencing an earthquake. Within minutes, I knew how widespread it was from the number of tweets from various locations, knew the extent of the earthquake on the richter scale, could click on a link to google maps to find the exact start or epicentre of the earthquake. It took 1 1/2 hours for it to reach the TV news!!
    So, I thought this would be a good example to show my students, to trigger thoughts for their videos. Students, curious as always, tried to get on twitter and succeeded. It had been blocked prior to that. So, we used a teachable moment. I asked it any tweeters could say hello to the students. So tweets came from around the globe. My students were astounded. Then they made the most of it and fired questions about semantic web and the use of geo-everything for educational purposes.
    I do so hope, that twitter remains unblocked as it offers such learning possiblities and experiences for classroom work.

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