Daily Spotlight on Education 03/03/2010

  • EAST — A Way Forward: Tech Inspires Self-Directed Learning | Edutopia

    The EAST program is proven to increase math and science scores although it is about technology and social action. This program which was created in Arkansas, totally blew me away as an incredibly innovative practice that could work just about anywhere. I agree in practice with much of what they are doing and had the privilege of talking to many of the organizers and founders when I was in Arkansas — AMAZING.

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  • Vicki Davis

    This is an example Ask Biography is trying to profile Vicki Davis, the actress, born in 1980, known best as the voice of a power ranger. (;-) — But it rips from Google. There are actually several Vicki Davis people out here — the actress, an elections superintendant and me, the Cool Cat Teacher. Ripping just doesn't work as this mixes all of us together. ASk biography — not a place I'd go as a good source of biographies.

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  • Mount Carmel Area students traveling to India as part of international project – News – Republican Herald

    I love this article from Pennsylvania about Suzy Nestico's class participation in the Flat Classroom project and the Flat Classroom conference. Many in pennsylvania have struggled because of their restrictive rules. Suzy gets it done.

    “The Flat Classroom Project, cofounded by Julie Lindsay, Beijing, China and Vicki Davis, Camilla, Ga., speaks to the very heart of Pennsylvania's Classrooms for the Future initiative and 21st Century learning, Nestico said.

    It utilizes technologies such as a Ning and Wikispaces that allow students to collaborate with other students around the world to peer edit and design a variety of multimedia, despite location and cultural barriers, much like how the real world is starting to work.

    Each student works with an international partner to create a multimedia presentation based on one of the 10 “Global Economic Flatteners,” as described by Thomas L. Friedman in his book “The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century.”

    Nestico learned of the Flat Classroom concept while completing her master's degree in education at Wilkes University, and felt it would give her students an opportunity to explore cultural and political issues without ever having to leave home. After participating in the projects with multiple classes over the past year-and-a-half, new doors opened and, now, students are beginning to meet face-to-face, she said.

    Students are not just doing education, they are living it, creating it, and ultimately, reshaping what it will look like for others in the future, Nestico said.”

    Great byline that gets to the heart of what we're doing.

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