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Hi everyone. I have a slightly different version of daily news today because my server was being upgraded last night. Today we have some news about blip.tv removing accounts, a reminder to make your website compatible with mobile devices, and a list of great podcasts (mine and others – just scroll down, you'll get there) you may want to download as you travel.

Blip.tv is removing many users: You may need to download your videos.

I've had to go in and download almost 100 videos from 2 accounts of mine over at Blip.tv. This used to be a great place to post your videos as it would distribute them to YouTube, iTunes, or wherever. Now, if you're not producing an official “show” they'll probably be getting rid of your account.

You have until December 8 to download all of those videos. I went and downloaded mine and will post them on my YouTube account to archive them. Oddly, I didn't receive an email notification and had to log in to find out.

Test your blog or website on multiple devices

I was testing this blog on my ipad and realized that the videos weren't showing. To allow videos to show on ipads, you cannot check “use old HMTL” — in other words, you need to use iframe. I've gone over the tutorials I've posted over the last few weeks on this blog and have re-embedded them. They should work fine now! Remember if you notice anything, feel free to contact me any time with suggestions.

Updated List of Shows

I've gone through and updated links to the shows for my podcast. There are several shows with inspirational students that I've shared with my own students and child. I listened to the podcast with Harry Sansotri @hgsansostri (12 year old author of The Little dudes Skool Survival Guide) with my own son and we talked about bullying. This is one of those you may want to download and listen to in the car as it was a real conversation starter with my own child.

Also, there's Joshua with Joshua's Heart feeding hundreds of thousands of people in Miami. Add to it an AWESOME interview with Todd Nesloney  @TechNinjaTodd and so many other amazing people who have agreed to have a 10 minute interview. While I keep blogging about each show, that is taking me some time, so I wanted some of you who just download one podcast at a time to have a chance to fill up with podcasts for the travel season.

Below this list, I'm also giving you links to some other great podcasts I listen to give you some variety.

To get started, read my quick guide to subscribe to online podcasts.  If you subscribe, you will automatically get every episode for free.

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# Title Participants Release date
036  A Student’s Response to Bullying Becomes a Book
a podcast for parents, kids and teachers dealing with bullying
 HG Sansotri, 12 year old from the UK @hgsansostri
uthor of The Little dudes Skool Survival Guide
035 A Talk with Amazing White House Champion of Change Teacher  Todd Nesloney @TechNinjaTodd
2013 White House Champion of Change
034 Exposing Your Students to Inspiring Young People who are making a Difference: Joshua’s Heart  Joshua Williams, 12 year old from Miami Florida, 2012 Prudential Spirit of Community Award Winner  11/18/13
033 A Smarter, Kinder Approach to Handling Conflict in Educational Settings  Bob Burg, author “Adversaries into Allies”  11/15/13
032 Engaging Students Through Competitions Contests and Code  Pat Yongpradit @MrYongpradit , Microsoft Innovative Educator Award winner (for his project encouraging girls in STEM)
and student Anh Vo, Kodu Cup Challenge finalist – USA 2013
031 The Global Classroom Project  Michael Graffin @mgraffin   11/8/13
030 The Need to Teach Financial Literacy  Brian Page @FinEdChat
(Milken National Educator Recipient)
029 NASA Explorer Schools: Bringing Authentic Learning Opportunities into Your Classroom  Kaci Heins @spacespartan  10/30/13
028 Using Social Media and Robotics to Engage Students in STEM  Lewis Chappalear (finalist for US teacher of the year from California)
Randy Cailor (Georgia USA)
027 Reinventing Your Classroom
(Coplanning with Google Docs as done by two 20+ year Literature teachers)
 Annice Brave
(2012 Illinois Teacher of the Year) and
Jeff Hudson @jhudson55
026 Why Teaching Computer Programming to All Students Matters  Lou Zulli Jr. @lzulli(2 Time Winner of Microsoft Innovative Educator Awards)  10/14/13
025 Staying Relevant, Staying Abreast, and Staying Employed for Life Dr. Tracey Wilen-Daugenti
024 Google Glass in the Classroom: Possibilities and Challenges Ahead  Don Wettrick
023 Connecting Your Classroom to the World  Silvia Tolisano @langwitches  10/7/13
022 Teaching Creativity: Encouraging Learning and Creativity with Mobile Photography  Meri Walker @iphoneartgirl 9/30/13
021 Connected Classrooms: Bringing the World to Your Students  Bev Berns @B_Berns ,
Kim Powell @powell4thgrade
020 Teach Like a Pirate: Grabbing and Keeping Your Student’s Attention Dave Burgess @burgessdave
uthor of “Teach Like a Pirate”
019 Dressing Your Classroom for Student Success  Erin Klein @KleinErin  8/20/13
018 Questioning Rigor, Considering Vigor and Other Musings  Shawn White @swpax  8/17/13
017 Learning by Doing: Inside the Maker Movement  +Sylvia Martinez @smartinezco-author of “Invent to Learn” 8/6/2013
016 Leaning Forward: Moving Your Teaching Practice Beyond Your Comfort Zone  +Aaron Maurer @coffeechugbooks 7/22/2013
015 One on One with a Teacher on the Leading Edge  +Dawn Casey-Rowe @runningdmc 7/15/2013
014 Achieving Sustainable Classroom Innovation +A.J. Juliani @ajjuliani
Steve Mogg @stevenjmogg
Rosie Esposito @djesposito from Wissahickon High School, Pennsylvania
013 Learning Commons: How the School Library is Being Reinvented David V. Loertscher
Learning Commons Pioneer and Author
012 ANew Models: Inside Early College STEM Schools Brenda Darden Wilkerson, William Starzyk, Arlington Vigilance from Chicago 6/17/2013
011 A Look inside the classroom of ISTE 2013 Teacher of the Year Nicholas Provenzano
ISTE 2013 Teacher of the Year
010 Savvy Use of Edtech in Early Ed Classrooms Karen Lirenman, klirenman
(Kay Bitter K-2 ISTE 2013 Teacher of the Year)
009 Quest2Matter, Choose2Matter, & #YouMatter: 3 Reasons to Get Involved Angela Maiers @angelaMaiers 5/23/2013
008 Why Computer Science isn’t Just for Geeks Alfred Thompson “Mr. Computer Science” @alfredtwo 5/20/2013
007 Teaching Teachers With Technology: 5 Important Ingredients of Good Preservice Teacher Education Eva Brown @ebrownorama 5/16/2013
006 How Classrooms Change When Genius Drives Learning #geniushour Joy Kirr @joykirr,
Hugh McDonald @hughtheteacher,
Gallit Zvi gallit_z,
Denise Krebs @mrsdkrebs
005 Encouraging Global Connections and Digital Citizenship Theresa Allen @tdallen5 4/23/2013
004 Gearing Up for Common Core Math Darren Burris @dgburris 4/23/2013
003 How Teachers and Students Are Collaborating Globally Toni Olivier-Barton @toniobarton,
Michelle McGaarvey,
Maureen Tumenas, @bcdtech
Donna Esposito, @djesponsito
Tina Schmidt @MrsSchmidtB4
002 Creative Approaches to Teaching STEM at the Elementary School Level Kevin Jarrett @kJarrett,Dr. Jeremy A. Ervin @dr_jeremy_ervin 3/12/2013
001 What is a MOOC? Dr. Lee Graham @ak_leegand Colin Osterhout @costerhout 2/10/2013

Some more awesome podcasts

I love listening to podcasts and usually listen each morning as I'm getting dressed. Here are my favorites:

If you want to know how to set up your podcatcher, I have a tutorial available for you. (I use iCatcher.) I listen to podcasts while getting dressed in the morning and while I'm cleaning the kitchen on Saturdays. It is a quick way to be informed and stay inspired! Consider setting up podcasts on your mobile device. You are what you think. Think wisely and intentionally.

Happy Thanksgiving

Meanwhile, Happy Thanksgiving! I've got my college son coming in today from Georgia Tech and about to run to the store to fulfill his very interesting and random grocery list that only a college student would ask for. (I mean who puts hummus, raw oysters and beef jerky on the same list?)

I hope that you and yours have a blessed Thanksgiving if you're a US celebrator. If not, have an awesome week. I'm thankful for those of you who read my blog and teach me so much.

It is always a good time to give thanks!


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