Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 11/12/2013

In today's news, I've got a great PDF to share with your teachers who have just gotten iPads. In fact, this PDF would be a great way to train teachers about how to download, open (and annotate) PDF's. Lots of us have gotten into QR Codes (See my QR Code Classroom Implementation Guide) and there's a new fun game you could play with staff to help them learn how to use these handy tools.

As you bolster your STEM emphasis, there are some new STEM videos out from sports greats about math and science in sports that you can use and show in your classes. There are some great STEM career resources and to round it out, a link to a science project idea database perfect for science teachers, homeschoolers, and parents helping kids with science fairs.

Finally, the Hour of Code is coming up in December, and more businesses and media are covering the work of code.org. (My interview with Pat Yongpradit, code.org leader is live on ECM on iTunes – I'll write about it this week.)

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For Teachers Who have Just Gotten IPads

QR Code Game

STEM Resources

  • Fascinating promotional tools here. “STEM IN SPORTS” with Magic Johnson, Victor Cruz, Jeff Gordon, and more – whether students like Basketball, Football, Golf, Racing, or more, use these videos and resources to promote your STEM program at your school. This is an important topic for all schools and there are materials here for all uses.

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  • If you need ideas for science careers, this is a great resource. Students could research careers using this information.

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  • A website with ideas for projects and science activities of all kind. I love how you can take a survey and it can help you find a project based upon your topics. Science teachers and homeschool parents in search of science projects will enjoy this site.

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The Hour of Code is gaining momentum

  • Great article about the importance of Computer Science. This is one of those that superintendents and principals should email their curriculum directors, school board members and PTO's to support and encourage this kind of education.
    “This is not about helping the tech industry. It’s about the tech industry helping the rest of America. Today, 67 percent of software jobs are outside the tech industry. If hiring computer programmers is challenging for Silicon Valley, it’s an even greater challenge for every other industry in America.

    Tech jobs aside, teaching kids basic computer science is valuable no matter what career path they might choose. Every child can benefit from a strong foundation in problem-solving. As software is taking over the world, a rudimentary grasp of how it works is critical for every future lawyer, doctor, journalist, politician and more.

    American schools are struggling to teach basic math and English, and skeptics may worry that we can’t afford to teach anything else. We’d argue that computer science is part of the solution: it motivates kids to learn other subjects. If a school can afford to teach biology, history, chemistry and foreign languages, it should teach computer science too.”

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2 thoughts on “Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 11/12/2013

  1. Hi, I really like the STEM in sports link. I think this is a great way to get more students interested in STEM fields. I am student-teaching this year in a science classroom at a middle school in Ann Arbor, MI, and at the beginning of the year, I asked my students to fill out a survey to get to know them a little better and to think about what motivates them. One of the questions I had on the survey asked the students what they want to be when they grow up, and I also asked them how what they want to be could relate to science. Especially among the boys, but also with the girls, a lot of students said that they wanted to be professional athletes, like baseball players, football players, hockey players, and even horse riders. None of the students that said they wanted to play sports could answer how they could relate science to this, although I did have one students say that he would need to be good at science to get into a good college to play football. Thanks for sharing this resource. I’m looking forward to sharing it with my students at some point.

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