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  • Traveloteacher: Moving forwards

    My friend and amazing educator Arjana Blazic from Croatia has a wonderful resolution this year. Rather than an “I” centered approach – her goal is to leave more comments on the blogs of those in her PLN. Watch Arjana's blog Traveloteacher grow! This is so important and something I want to do more of as well! Way to go Arjana, you rock!

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  • Hate Saying Goodbye | Learn Together Collaboratory

    Nice summary of the current “social bookmarking” controversy.

    tags: education socialbookmarking

  • Week 8: Final Blog Post « Provost English & Technology Blog

    Excellent reflection from learning and taking slow steady steps towards improvement from mprovost on the “provost English & Technology blog. I love this quote:

    “For one, as I focus on my goals, I want to include my students and their parents in the process.”

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  • 12 Ways to eLearning

    Funny take on an old Christmas carol. Yes, Christmas is past, but this is funny anyway and one we can pull out next year.

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  • Stuff your stocking with great PD! | blanchetBlog

    Great posting here by Tinashe Blanchet, on blanchet blog — love this quote in particular

    “I realized that the sky is the limit if you are willing to commit to doing great work on a consistent basis. I am re-dedicating myself to a New Year free of missed opportunities! I would like to start by attending the International Society for Technology in Education Conference (ISTE) in Philadelphia to meet even more tech-savvy educators who are using 21st century tools to invigorate their lessons. Maybe I’ll meet you!”

    This is a good reflective post and the kind we should all be writing after attending conferences.

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  • Around the Corner-MGuhlin.org: Local vs Global – Learning and Teaching Today

    Miguel Guhlin writes about the evolution of education.

    “And, it all comes back to the point that Tim Holt suggests in his comment.
    The “education model” has changed…the rest are the equivalent of “walking dead.”
    The question is, what will it take to re-animate the corpses, to move from zombie-like stupor to phoenix rising?”

    tags: education elearning

  • Court punishes bay area lawyers who called each other ‘hack' and ‘loser' — and worse – St. Petersburg Times

    This is the article to share with students. Sometimes seeing adults do this helps students disconnect and see a lack of civility for what it is: childish.

    tags: education digital_citizenship cyberbullying netiquette digital_responsibilities

  • Attorneys sanctioned for cyberbullying | NetFamilyNews.org

    When adults act like children.

    ““Two Florida lawyers who called each other a ‘retard’ and ’scum sucking loser’ in escalating email insults [over six months] have been sanctioned by the state supreme court,””

    tags: education digital_citienship digital_responsibilities cyberbullying netiquette

  • Tech Learning TL Advisor Blog and Ed Tech Ticker Blogs from TL Blog Staff – TechLearning.com

    My friend Cheryl Oakes now also has the amazing Roku box – a great addition to anyone's home theater. I love mine (now I can watch Twit.tv to my heart's content.) I link to netflix and hulu plus which we watch more than our cable tv box!

    tags: education entertainment

  • Teacher Challenge

    Thirty day challenge for teachers who blog!

    tags: education blogging

  • Don't Stay Under The Couch: Starbuck and the Bully by Kevin Honeycutt in Children

    Kevin Honecutt's new book published on Lulu. This is a curriculum for bullying on the grade school level. Kevin is a gem and a gift to those of us in education. He has a heart for kids and I admire and appreciate him very much. Yes, he is a friend and yes, I'm very biased as I'm a fan of his.

    tags: education learning bullying

  • Play games based upon Martin Luther King studies

    Although what he did is certainly not a game, but rather the most serious of work that began to right a great wrong against the African -American people, Microsoft has some great “games” to play and learn about this important historical figure. This information from Microsoft.

    “Students and schools from around the nation will be taking part in MLK Day by playing InterroBANG, a unique socially-networked educational game, and completing real-world “missions” focused on MLK Day themes of making a difference in their community. With today's students it is often difficult to re-create the spirit and urgency Dr. Martin Luther King conveyed and moreover find ways to make his mission real in the eyes of our 21st century students.

    InterroBANG, aimed at middle and high-school students, is a service-learning game, that helps get students excited about learning by encouraging them to take their skills from the classroom into the real world to make a difference through “missions” that challenge them to engage in their communities in some way – such as exploring the local environment, helping the community, creating and sharing art, volunteering at senior centers, and more. The more their solutions positively impact the real world, the more points they get. Students win points and prizes by improving problem-solving skills and connecting with others to make a difference in their community”

    tags: education learning game

  • Considering Transmedia: Literature “Born Digital” | GETideas.org

    Laura Fleming's article at Getideas.org on Inanimate Alice and why it is such a compelling method of storytelling called transmedia. “Transmedia is storytelling across multiple platforms, usually digital media…” if you want to understand transmedia and digital literacy, this is a wonderful read.

    tags: education media

  • iPadInEducation – Craig Nansen on Diigo

    Craig's list of resources and information on using the ipad in education.

    tags: education learning mobilelearning ipad

  • iPadApps – Craig Nansen on Diigo

    Craig Nansen is one of the leaders of using the iPad in education, in my opinion. He's been doing it since day 1 and really has a great grasp. So, when he shared his list of iPad apps from Diigo, I wanted to share them with you.

    tags: education ipad apps mobilelearning

  • Water for Sixth Grade

    Dan Klumper's blog. They travel the world! This is one way for a teacher to blog – sharing resources with students. Would be interested to understand more about the online textbook feature.

    tags: education learning

  • Official Google Blog: Google Science Fair seeks budding Einsteins and Curies

    “To help make today’s young scientists the rock stars of tomorrow, in partnership with CERN, The LEGO Group, National Geographic and Scientific American, we’re introducing the first global online science competition: the Google Science Fair. It’s open to students around the world who are between the ages of 13-18. All you need is access to a computer, the Internet and a web browser.”

    tags: education learning

  • Turning 60 – Can it be???????? « Life With Heather

    Happy 60th to my friend Heather now in Beijing. Interesting that many international teachers have to ‘retire” when hitting 60 because of some arbitrary rule that says they cannot have visas at that age. Do we think “older” (ha ha) don't have value. This really bothers me.

    Heather is a gem and doing amazing collaborative work. I'll see her at the conference in Beijing next month!

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  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Man Of Peace In A Time Of War | SnagLearning

    Lots of useful films on this website. I like that there are “learning questions” below each film. This is from the person representing the firm that contacted me today.

    “I wanted to write a quick email to let you know about the free online resource for documentary film – SnagFilms.com. There are now over 2000 films in our library and we have recently launched another platform, SnagLearning, as a free online library of educational non-fiction films available 24/7. In honor of the approaching Martin Luther King Jr., day, we are featuring our full length film on him throughout this weekend. It includes incredible footage, never seen until the release of the film. This is a free streaming opportunity that I believe your audience would really enjoy. Please let me know if I can answer any questions you may have about our sites – this is not a request for funding or advertising…just letting you know about our completely free resource. Here is the link to the film on SnagLearning as well as the link to our original site.”

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