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Daily Education and Technology News 11/30/2013 #edtechchat #edreform

When I got up this morning, I discovered that lots are Googley eyed over Google. With some serious book and app deals, many of us (me included) are downloading Google Play Books on our ipads and taking advantage of the deals. Meanwhile, Google Hangouts are becoming popular in the classroom, now that you can set up groups of students and enable Google Plus for some of your students or just educators at your school. I learned this trick in the most useful Google Group I've joined, the GAFE Google Group.

Meanwhile, more useful infographics are making the rounds including two Common Core standards wordclouds made by Ben Rimes @techsavvyed, and a Learning Theory infographic that is a must share with your college professors. Infographics continue to be a powerful communication tool and part of writing.

Meanwhile, Suzie Boss (writing for @edutopia) is finishing up a stint at the American School of Bombay in India and captures the essence of that world class school with a student interview and one with one of the geniuses behind their success, Shabbi Luthra @shluthra. I've been there and everything she says about the school rings true. In other world news, New South Wales has friction between the Federal and State Governments (sound familiar?) over education funding and Pakistan takes steps to enroll more school children with a goal of 100% enrollment in the next 6-7 years but again, has funding problems.

In personal improvement today, Joli Barker @Joli_Barker talks about how to create a Fearless classroom in 3 steps,  Erin Klein‘s @kleinerin work in classroom design is trending, as well as Miguel Guhlin's @mguhlin epic post on surviving transition. Dawn Casey-Rowe @runningdmc adds another installment in the PD series she's running on her blog to make  a fantastic case for what you CAN do when everything is blocked.

There are two posts on the SAMR model, one an explanation from Med Kharbach @medkh9 and another is an example from Richard Wells @ipadwells. And because I couldn't resist listing two of his posts, there's an incredible post from Richard Wells on Project Based Learning and the Ipad along with app suggestions that is worth sharing with your teachers and technology integrators.

Meanwhile, I keep tinkering with these post formats and appreciate any feedback you choose to share @coolcatteacher. Hope my US friends had a Happy Thanksgiving with your families and that you'll get out and walk or run today to get rid of a few extra calories so your blue jeans will fit Monday. I'm preparing for a private event at St. Simons this Friday and the VSTE keynote a week from Monday in Virginia and so excited to be taking a moment to travel. I'm very excited to see how Edmodo is used in VSTE to help manage the conference and share handouts.

While everyone else seemed to be at the Camilla Walmart, my family and I enjoyed our annual tradition of celebrating Slack Friday. Armed with a remote, we did little but pass the remote around, eat some pretty awesome ribs, watch football, and celebrate Mom's birthday. Have a wonderful weekend.

— Vicki

Google Play Books is being downloaded because of the great book deals on "Cyber Weekend" at Google play.

Google Play Books is being downloaded because of the great book deals on “Cyber Weekend” at Google play.


 Googley over Google

The Google Deals and Steals that are Causing Book Lovers to Download Google Play for iOS this weekend

  • Cyber Weekend Deals – Android Apps on Google PlayGoogle's Cyber weekend deals are a serious reason to at least download Google Play for iOS on your ipad. I'm picking up Malcom Gladwell's book for 3.49 and reading it in the app for just this reason. (You can get the hunger games trilogy for $12.99, the new Dan Brown book for $3.99, David Baldacci's the Hit by $2.49 and Ender's Game for $1.99 – I'm literally going to have the book for the next few weeks ready to go on my ipad as I travel to Virginia and St. Simon's to speak. Yes!) Book lovers must go over this list, but the chromecast stick is worth a look as it is basically a Roku/ Apple TV on a stick for just $35.tags: education news Google deals edu_newapp edu_trends
  • Read books on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad – Google Play Help If you want to use Google Play Books for iOs, here's how you download. With the deals this weekend, you'll want to do it now.tags: education news books reading google

Google Hangouts are Becoming Popular now that Google Plus can be added for groups of people but not everyone in the school.

  • How to Use Hangouts in the Classroom – EdTechReview™ (ETR)How to use Google Hangouts in the Classroom. Now that you can segment participation and let certain groups of students and educators participate in Google Plus, this is becoming a popular method of connecting classrooms. I'm setting up Google Hangouts on Air to record and send to the class YouTube channel to share conversations with guests and let those students who missed the day join in. I am also going to use these recordings as part of flipped classroom modules as I learn about using Sophia for flipping my classroom.tags: education news google hangouts globaled bestpractices all_teachers
  • Google Group for GAFE Admins – I recommend joining this group if you administer Google Apps for Education. They are helpful and because it is Google, the people in this group know a lot about the offerings from Google for schools.

 Education Infographics

Common Core Word Clouds from Ben Rimes that Help Explain how Technology is Used in the Standards

  • Every Common Core Standard Related to Technology | The Tech Savvy EducatorExcellent word clouds created by Ben Rimes over at Tech Savvyed related to the Common Core State standards. This demonstrates how technology standards are related and embedded in the standards, particularly the writing standards. This is one big reason I'm publishing the book “Reinventing Writing.” I think a lot of people know they need to write with technology but just don't understand how. This blog post is useful to read if you're having anything to do with Common Core implementation and these charts would be useful to share with your teachers in a quick teacher's meeting. Great post, Ben!tags: education news common core

Learning Theory Infographic: A must share (and discuss)  Infographic for Professors teaching Preservice Teachers

Trends from Around the World

Best Practices Around the World: The American School of Bombay and Shabbi Luthra

  • In India, a School that Empowers Students and Teachers | EdutopiaI'm a huge fan of the American School of Bombay and visionary Shabbi Luthra – this article on Edutopia from PBL expert Suzie Boss captures so much about this amazing school that uses laptops at a very young age in ways that empower students to learn, create, and share. Shabbi is passionate about bringing the best to her school but also shares expects that what is brought and discussed there will be used. Such a great school – it is well worth attending ASB Un-Plugged when they host it just to see what they are doing. It is hard to find a better school anywhere in the world.
    tags: education news asb unplugged best practices edreform bestpractices

Worldwide Education Challenges: A glimpse into Pakistan and New South Wales

  • In Pakistan, a New Push for Education by Mujib Mashal on BeaconPakistan is pushing to educate more of its children, amidst financial woes and a struggle for more funding. Their goal: 100% enrollment. Of course, there is a great effort also to build a firewall in Pakistan much like the “great firewall of China.” That said, there are many lovely educators from Pakistan who contribute and connect increasingly online and I wish this country well as well as the many countries working to increase enrollment. “As schools returned to session in Pakistan’s northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province this fall, the newly elected provincial government – with the help of the non-profit campaign Alif Ailaan – launched an enrollment drive. In its first month, the drive managed to enroll nearly 245,000 out of school children – about 65% male and 35% female – across 25 districts of the province, according to figures provided by Alif Ailaan. But considering Pakistan’s education woes, where more than 25 million children between the ages of 5-16 remain out of school, it is a small step. “In order to provide schooling to all the kids, we need about Rs. 138 billion (roughly $1.2 billion) just in KP – for school infrastructure, classrooms, teachers so on and so forth,” Joudat Ayaz, the province’s education secretary, told me over dinner. Ayaz estimates the number of out of school children in KP between 2 to 3 million, about 20% to 30% of the school-age children in the province. “You can’t do this [reaching 100% enrollment] in one go – you have to do it progressively, over six or seven years.””tags: education edreform pakistan politics news
  • Education funding changes ‘untenable' says NSW Premier – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)Education is an issue around the world as demonstrated in this video from New South Wales Premier Barry O'Farrell. They have problems with “reneged deals with Federal and State governments.” Education is in flux the world over, lest any one group of educators feel they are being singled out. This is largely caused by the information age. While the industrial age changed how people worked, the information age is fundamentally changing how people learn and those organizations that can adapt and progress will remain. Some towns suffered the loss of factories but kept their schools. What happens when the schools close? Integrate technology, blend learning, or the tightening finances world wide will make it hard for you to thrive in an education landscape increasingly mixed with education technology.tags: education news politics nsw
Take time to learn something new every day about the profession you love. IF you don't love it now, if you keep learning, you may just fall in love again. So many great ideas!

Take time to learn something new every day about the profession you love. IF you don't love it now, if you keep learning, you may just fall in love again. So many great ideas!

Improve Yourself: Fearless classrooms, Classroom design, Surviving Transition, and getting around firewalls and blocks

Having a Fearless Classroom: Joli Barker

  • Creating a Fearless Classroom In Three StepsJoli Barker, author of the Fearless Classroom Blog, talks about how to become a fearless classroom in 3 steps. She's an inspirational practicing classroom teacher and I've blogged about her before. Just amazing what she does with technology, writing, and improving her classroom.tags: education teaching edreform

Wisdom from Classroom Design Expert: Erin Klein

Surviving Transition: An Epic Post by Miguel Guhlin

  • Around the Corner-MGuhlin.org: Keys Changing Hands – 7 Tips for Surviving Leadership in Transition #edchatIf you're dealing with leadership transitions in your district, Miguel Guhlin has penned a pretty epic post. In it, he is blunt about the ups and downs of working with great leaders, and “hatchet men.” IN the post, he also includes steps to making staff development actually work and his frustration to be asked to read books that no one else read or implemented. This is a great post and one that leaders should read (so they can be visionary) and staff and teachers should read (so they can find wisdom for making it through tough transitions.) Every transition is tough – I've been through several myself during my 12 years and even when the leader is a very good one, it is hard to do and endure because so many people take their “eye off the ball” and the ball is learning in the classroom. Drama in the front office should be kept at a minimum so classroom learning can be kept at a maximum.tags: education edreform leadership all_teachers

How can I use technology when everything is blocked? Suggestions from Overcomer Dawn Casey-Rowe

  • Hacking Your Classroom: Getting Around Blocks & BansDawn Casey-Rowe hits a tough topic that is the number one complaint that teachers have. I had her on my show not too long a go and she speaks from a tough situation with lots of blocks and bans but gets it done anyway. If your complaint is blocks and bans, then take time to read this post to focus on what you CAN do. Dawn is offering a set of PD blog posts that you'll want to dig into. “This week, we’re going to discuss the white elephant in the room. Tech frustration. Many teachers struggle to bring students the type of tech experience they would like because of systemic blocks and bans, or worse, feel embarrassed as students have more access to tech than teachers do. This is the issue that brought me to the tech world myself. Students continually asked the hard questions about why they couldn’t utilize technology such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, and why phones were confiscated when students were using them for educational purposes. I wanted to improve my classroom experience and give my students more, but budget was a concern. Tech access is a problem in many schools. There are legitimate reasons–the desire of administrators to protect students from the darker side of the internet, fear of the unknown, lack of wireless capacity and budget difficulties which cause insufficient numbers of computers or the inability to upgrade existing tech. Some educational leaders have overcome these hurdles, but others are still working to get to that space.”tags: education news edtech bestpractices all_teachers
  • One on One With a Teacher on the Leading EdgeA show I recorded with Dawn Casey-Rowe, an overcomer who is using technology (and kickboxing too). She gives advice on transforming classrooms to demands all teachers face. She shares her thoughts about leading, learning, and embracing education technology.tags: education news edreform bestpractices

Project Based Learning with iPads

The SAMR Model: Explanations and an Example

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Remember to take a little time every day to learn something new! You rock!

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