Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 10/09/2012

  • The Ignite Show with Georgia Governor Nathan Deal

    We recorded a show in Atlanta with Governor Nathan Deal about helping high school students choose their career track. We also discussed what flattening the classroom means and how one can integrate the world into your classroom to create rich learning experiences. Thank you to my friend Anne, the show's host, for inviting me on.

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  • Teaching in the Age of Entitlement: How to Avoid Contributing to the Problem

    Some students believe they are entitled to grades just for showing up, according to new research, especially if they are paying for their education (like college or private school). On this Radio show at the BAM Radio Network hosted by RAE Pica, she talked with researchers, an anonymous teacher, and I had a small reflection from my own experience about entitlement. It was a fun show to record and is pretty short.

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  • The Beauty in the Threadbare « Living Proof Ministries Blog

    Beth Moore has been one of my longstanding mentors through her many Bible studies she has written, but this blog post will appeal to any of you… especially those who work too hard and too long (like me) – these words caught my attention: “Work martyrs are fake martyrs. They don’t count. They’re too self-important. It dawned on me about 2 years ago that no one was making me work nonstop but me so why, then, did I want to find somebody to blame for driving this skeleton like a shovel into quicksand? Anyway, I want to dance with my grandchildren at their weddings.”  I want to dance with my grandchildren at their weddings too and my workload isn't doing that dream any favors. Rethinking many things in my life.

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  • Primary school teachers resign after Facebook insults about pupils | Education | The Guardian

    Facebook isn't private. Don't talk in bad ways about your children or students. You can't delete it. You can't erase it. If you're upset, pick up the phone, but even then, you could be recorded. Face to face, we'll you could be recorded too. I think you should be wary of venting but doing it in writing on a social network has to rank up there as the #1 dumb thing you can do. I see it on Tumblr all the time and it makes me cringe. Wake up. There is no private teacher's lounge online. Be wise and treat your students with respect. Sadly, the students can speak ill of their teachers all they want and no one deals with it, but we are adults and they are children. We are professionals and we should behave like it. Read this story and take heed. “Printouts of the Facebook comments were posted on fencing near the school. One said: “No wonder everyone is thick … inbreeding must damage brain development.” Another referred to seeing pupils queuing in a discount store. The online exchange, allegedly between teachers at the school, prompted anger among parents.”

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